Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pizza tomorrow-- + desserts?

Something tells me that it is really poor form to celebrate our finishing this amazing Holocaust book by gorging ourselves on pizza and sweets, but since there's no movie to watch (unless you guys want to watch a really excellent documentary on the Holocaust-- we can talk about that)or anything like that, and it is lunch time, well, we'll eat. :) I'll order the pizza; if you guys can comment here and tell us who will be bringing drinks (sodas or lemonade or whatever) and who will bring desserts, that would be excellent. We'll do a final discussion (BRING YOUR BOOKS!)and then toast with our pizza slices. Oh, and we'll discuss options for our next book-- thanks to Nathan for already coming up with some good suggestions!

So who's in for what?
Mrs. P

P.S. I shut of the comment moderation again because it wasn't sending me notification emails; instead, you will find out a word verification process which supposedly will cut down on spam posts. We'll see.


Mrs. P said...

Here are some questions for you to think about for tomorrow:

1. Discuss the symbolism of Death as the omniscient narrator of the novel. What are Death’s feelings for each victim? Describe Death’s attempt to resist Liesel. Death states, “I’m always fi nding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both.” (p. 491) What is ugly and beautiful about Liesel, Rosa and Hans Hubermann, Max Vandenburg, Rudy Steiner, and Mrs. Hermann? Why is Death haunted by humans?

2. Why does Liesel tell Mr. Steiner that she kissed Rudy’s dead body?

3. Liesel Meminger lived to be an old woman. Death says that he would like to tell the book thief about beauty and brutality, but those are things that she had lived. How does her life represent beauty in the wake of brutality? Discuss how Zusak’s poetic writing style enhances the beauty of Liesel’s story.

Kaari said...

Cool, that sounds good to me. I will bring some sort of sweets!

Rae said...

1...Okay, I'm speed reading the last snippet, so I'll answer the questions after that.

Next, I will definately bring something. (Most likely it will be some fudge...yum!)
Sounds awesome!
Thanks Mrs. P for getting pizza!

JAD said...

Hi guys its joel...well im not so sure i can bring something tommorrow becasue it was told last minute and mom is in the hospital....sorry mrs.P ...

Another thing is that i am close to finishing the book...YEAY!!!

Well see you guys tommorrow and once again sorry...

~joel 8)

JAD said...

ok change of plans. My dad is going to get some sodas for tommorrrow. is that alright and will there be cups tommorrow???

~ 8)

Rae said...

Joel, you don't have to apologize if your mom is in the hostpital. Is she okay?

I will bring a dessert, and Nathan is currently making cupcakes, (as he insists on doing bringing something himself.)

Shoot. I need to make up Social Studies test during lunch...shoot. Well, it should take a maximum of 10 expect me to be late, but I'll still be there. (I really need to finish it...)

Mrs. P said...

Joel-- NO WORRIES. I didn't mean to put any last-minute pressure on you or your family! We can always figure out drinks or whatever tomorrow, so don't sweat it. And yes, cups are taken care of.

Rachael, good luck on your test. :) No rushing for pizza! Don't worry about posting responses tonight; let's all just come prepared to discuss tomorrow.

See all of you tomorrow-- Woohoo TGIF!
Mrs. P

Roshon said...

Ack, I totally forgot to make something before tonight's concert....ah, if I get up early enough I'll try to make rice krispies. :)

It's be nice to have down time tomorrow, so I don't stress out for the Timberline concert....maybe.

But anyways, I'll see if I can bring a last minute thing for the part tomorrow. ^ ^


Oh, and for your spam probably, the verification code might not necessarily get rid of the problem...unless it was all automatic spam, because that's more for 'robots' and stuff....I think.

Anonymous said...

I have to say sory cause I probably cant bring anything Dad was at work all night and the other cars deadand beleive it or not there isnt that many snaks in my house sory.