Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bookies-- Read and Comment!


New Page GoalVERY short reading goal this time-- we're only going to page 171, the beginning of Part 4.  Quite a few bookies had not reached the last goal and requested that, just this once, we do a short goal so they can catch up.  Unfortunately, I completed the new goal today at lunch, so I'll have to find something else to read for the week.  :)

Roles:  We'll keep the same roles for the coming week and switch it up next time.  Keep using your post-it notes!  Hopefully they're helping.

Time/Place change:  From now on, we will meet in Mr. Thibault's room at 12:05.  If you need a pass to get to the front of the lunch line, come see me; I'll write you one! Also, I'm adding a calendar reminder to send out an email to teachers reminding them to let you out of class for the club on Thursdays.  Hopefully, this well help you guys speed it up.  We definitely need more time.

What to Comment HereLet's use this post to discuss what we're finding in our roles AND to ask questions about what we're reading and what people are posting.  Don't understand a word or phrase?  Don't know what Kommunist means?  Who is narrating this book, anyway?!  What's a Nazi?  Who is Jesse Owens?  What do the drawings on p. 14 mean?  Who/what is the struggler (p. 157, 168)?  What is Mein Kampf and why is it the stuggler's "savior?"  What's up with the Mayor's wife?  Why won't "they" let Hans in the Nazi Party?  Who are "they?"  On page 105, Death points out that Hans and Rosa's son joins the army and and "tragically" ends up in Stalingrad, Russia.  Why is that tragic?  What happened there?  Get the picture?  Let's talk!

Mrs. P

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roles and Goals

Goals:  We are finally taking off, people!  I thought about it a little more after you guys left, and since you have about 15 days to read between meetings, I am upping the reading goal.  Let's read to page 154, the chapter entitled "The Aryan Shopkeeper."  That's a little over 15 pages a day... that's doable, right?  If not, let me know; maybe I can revise it back down a bit. 

Roles:  Here's who's what for this goal and possibly the next:
The Connector--  Divya and Raven
The Questioner--  Ray
The Literary Luminary-- Jaiden and Jacob
The Illustrator-- The Erics (Yi and Riddle)!
The Summarizer-- Riley and Aidan
The Researcher-- Zoe and Savannah
The Word Wizard-- Emily (Knightmare) and Aly
The Scene Setter-- Dhruv

Make sure you revisit the roles sheets on Google Drive often to remind yourself about your focus for reading, and use your post-it notes as you read!  They'll help you as you prepare for the next meeting, I promise.  :)

Questions/comments/concerns/criticisms?  Reply here!  And don't forget to use the Feedblitz above to subscribe to this blog.

Can't wait to talk about this with you guys!  Happy Turkey Day, and happy reading!
Mrs. P

Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Thief copies will be in on Monday!


We have some copies coming in from other district libraries, and I'm picking up a book bag of ten copies from the public library, so we should be good to start reading Monday.  Make sure to stop by and pick up your copy  Page goal coming soon...
6th and 7th graders-- Please complete a parent permission slip for this book.  I have them in my office-- get one ASAP.

All of you have a lovely weekend.  See you Monday!
Mrs. P

Monday, November 5, 2012

What Book Shall We Read First?

What are we going to read, Bookies?  Vote, and let your voice be heard! I emailed the choices with links to Amazon summaries to you, so please check your SVVSD account.  Please post here by Tuesday, and when we meet Thursday at 12:15 in the IMC, we'll talk about what the first read of book club is!

Mrs. P