Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roles and Goals

Goals:  We are finally taking off, people!  I thought about it a little more after you guys left, and since you have about 15 days to read between meetings, I am upping the reading goal.  Let's read to page 154, the chapter entitled "The Aryan Shopkeeper."  That's a little over 15 pages a day... that's doable, right?  If not, let me know; maybe I can revise it back down a bit. 

Roles:  Here's who's what for this goal and possibly the next:
The Connector--  Divya and Raven
The Questioner--  Ray
The Literary Luminary-- Jaiden and Jacob
The Illustrator-- The Erics (Yi and Riddle)!
The Summarizer-- Riley and Aidan
The Researcher-- Zoe and Savannah
The Word Wizard-- Emily (Knightmare) and Aly
The Scene Setter-- Dhruv

Make sure you revisit the roles sheets on Google Drive often to remind yourself about your focus for reading, and use your post-it notes as you read!  They'll help you as you prepare for the next meeting, I promise.  :)

Questions/comments/concerns/criticisms?  Reply here!  And don't forget to use the Feedblitz above to subscribe to this blog.

Can't wait to talk about this with you guys!  Happy Turkey Day, and happy reading!
Mrs. P


Divya Bhat said...

154 pages seems quite big of a page goal, but I am up for the challenge.

Knightmare said...

Knightmare is a nickname for me Raven

Jacob B said...

So excited for this book! We almost read it last year but.....Still I have been wanting to read this for a while so I am really excited!!!!!!! I think 154 pages sounds like an awesome goal to me just enough to keep me busy!

Divya Bhat said...

What page are you guys on right now, I am at page 37.

Anonymous said...

I am on page 52.... I think 154 pages is alot... I don't think i can read that much ovr break..... who is with me on this???

Anonymous said...
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Custis said...

You can do it!!!! 15 pages a day and you are almost there!!!!

Hope everyone has a good break!!! Spend time with your families and let them know you love them!!

See you when we get back!

Mrs. P said...

Okay, so how are we doing now, guys? Remember, you still have until THURSDAY to hit page 154, so there's lots of time. And how are you doing with your roles? Getting your information together?
Any questions so far for me about the story-- background info, character development, etc? Let me know!
Mrs. P

Jacob B said...

JOB TIME- So during this time period people were going though so many things that it was so easy to manipulate them into anything you really wanted. And that kinda how Hitler came to power and become the dictator he was. After the Nazi's came to power they used propaganda to influence everyone. There citizens, there soldiers, the enemy soldiers (The Allies)ect. They pictured the believes of the Nazi's, into this great thing that really wasn't. This is why people in Germany thought Hitler was this great guy just trying to solve there troubles. The Allies used poperganda as well in the same uses that the Axis powers did.

Jacob B said...

(More Info)

Allies- (The Jist) the US (Eventually after The Peral Harbor Attack), England, France, and Russia.

The Axis Powers- (Again the Jist) Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey.

Jacob B said...

Here Are Some Examples of my first post of Nazi Poperganda.

These works are really glorifying Hitler and why MOST Germans really loved him they thought he was going to give them a great life again while he really just ruined it.

ray dodge said...

ill try my hardest but its going to be hard

Jacob B said...

GUYS!!!! Dont give up on this book, it gets so awesome after our reading goal!!! (Yes I did read a little ahead. SORRY! I promise not to give anything away)This story get going and it does not stop! DONT GIVE UP

Eric YI said...

so do we have a new page goal?

Eric YI said...

if we do can it maybe just go a little higher cause I'm a lttle ahead (i'm on page 209)

Dhruv Patel said...

the setting is in munich germany
himmel st