Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Code Talker Book Club-- Forum III

To get ourselves reacquainted with the story (and start the conversation now-- I changed my mind about that!), answer the following questions with THOUGHTFUL answers:

1. Ned survives both the hardship of boarding school and the trauma of war. How is
Ned able to get through these difficulties? Which of his personal qualities do you
think helped him most during his trials?

2. In Code Talker, the character Ned Begay is telling his grandchildren the story of
his time spent as a Marine in World War II. How do you think Ned’s
grandchildren would feel about their grandfather after hearing about his
experiences? How would you feel if he was your grandfather? What do you think is the most important lesson that Ned’s grandchildren might learn from his story?

Blog away, people!
Mrs. P

Code Talker Book Club Update

Hi folks,
It has been really difficult to get a good time nailed down to meet, hasn't it? CSAP has really cramped our style, and now that I am flying solo in the library, my time is going to be even more at a premium. But I want to wrap up this book; it was a good read and it deserves a good discussion! Could we maybe meet Friday morning at 8:05? And then we'll post to the blog and hopefully the LHS folks will join us?

Let me know if you think that will work!
Mrs. P

Monday, March 17, 2008

Code Talker-- Update

Hey Book Club members!
We're meeting Wednesday morning, 8:05. :) I'll post some discussion questions for you guys to mull over ASAP. Gotta run!

Mrs. P

Stephenie Meyer Is Coming to Town!

Hey Twilight Fans!

The author of The Twilight Saga will be hitting Denver in support of her novel, The Host. Her website states that her touring in support of Breaking Dawn will be very limited (if at all), so if you want to see her, this is it. Click here to get all the info!

Mrs. P

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Code Talker-- Forum II

Hi book club folks!
Sorry it has been sketchy getting the actual talking going; it's been kind of busy in the library lately. Below I've listed four different questions for us to discuss in this forum. Post your answers as comments, and let's chat!

1. On the sign in front of Ned’s mission school is the motto: “Tradition is the enemy
of progress” (p. 23). What does this motto mean to the teachers of the mission

2. How would you describe the teaching methods and classroom styles of Ned’s
teachers in the boarding school? What do you think of the methods Ned’s teachers
use, both to teach and to discipline their students?

3. Throughout his time in training and in service as a code talker, Ned carries a
pouch of corn pollen with him. What does this pouch mean to Ned, and how does
he use it?

4. Ned mentions that the Japanese army does not follow the “rules of modern
warfare” (p. 168). List three examples that support Ned’s statement.

For my kiddos, we can't meet face-to-face Friday as originally planned; I'll actually be out of town Friday and Monday. Why don't we utilize this discussion space now and plan on reading pp. 196 to the end of the book by next Friday, 3/14? I'll read on the plane and be all caught up! And for any LHS kiddos joining us, welcome! We really look forward to hearing from you-- and your librarian!-- on this post. Let's discuss this really interesting book!

Mrs. P