Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Code Talker Book Club-- Forum III

To get ourselves reacquainted with the story (and start the conversation now-- I changed my mind about that!), answer the following questions with THOUGHTFUL answers:

1. Ned survives both the hardship of boarding school and the trauma of war. How is
Ned able to get through these difficulties? Which of his personal qualities do you
think helped him most during his trials?

2. In Code Talker, the character Ned Begay is telling his grandchildren the story of
his time spent as a Marine in World War II. How do you think Ned’s
grandchildren would feel about their grandfather after hearing about his
experiences? How would you feel if he was your grandfather? What do you think is the most important lesson that Ned’s grandchildren might learn from his story?

Blog away, people!
Mrs. P


Ali T. (Nike) said...

1. I think he could get through these trials because he knew he would be helping his family in the long run. I think his caringness helped him the most!
2. I think they will think he is even cooler than he was before! It would be soooooo cool if he was my gramps because my great-grandfather actually fought in WW2!!! I think the grandchildren will learn that persenverance can get you through almost anything.
(sorry for the missspellings!:-)

Rachael said...

I think he could get through it because he knew that his ancestors went through hardships too. I also think it was because of the pollen prayer and how he remembered his people back home. I think it was how he cared and how he could make people laugh when they really needed one was good too.
2. I think that it changed him in a way because it like said that he wasnt respected before the war, and he was in the war, and then he wasnt always still after the war. That taught him that some people dont look farther than your ethnic group, and some do. I think that if he was my grandfather, I would think he was really cool, brave, and I would respect him. I agree with Ali T. with that it taught his grandchildren that perseverance is important and that it gives you patience to do anything you want to do in your life.
P.S. I type fast, so sorry that this is long, I type about as fast as the thoughts go through my head so its pretty much all there. ;)

badboy said...

badboy lives!

garrison said...

first before I answer anything let me just say sorry that I haven't checked the blog recently!

1.He was always positive and he listened to directions and that made it easyer. He also nerver gave up which is really important I also don't think it was that war was that bad compared to his evil school!

2. if I was one of the grandchildren that listend to that then I would feel shocked that my own grandfather went throgh so much and never complained and always got the job done. I think they lerned that you must follow directions and do whats right and never back down.

3. oh wait there isn't a third question!

Mrs. Pulley said...

That's all right, Garrison--
The club kind of petered out, and for that I apologize. Let's try to get something really going next year! I did enjoy this when we were able to chat, so I'm more than willing to try next year.

BTW, Garrison, I need your copy of Code Talker back-- you're the last one!-- so I can mail them back to LHS. Thanks!

Mrs. P

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

(sigh...) i wish i had joined the book club. the book sounded really interesting. next year, i guess...

(sad)cheers(no exclamation point, please take notice)

analie sevin

Rachael said...

Yeah Analie, it was good. You can still read the book, it was a good one!

blue wolves and mushrooms said...


is it still in the library?


analie sevin

Mrs. Pulley said...

I'll answer this one--
Yes, analie, there is a copy in the library-- better hurry if you want to read it, though! All materials are due back on the 9th.
Mrs. P

b said...

mrs. Pulley,

hmm, (yes, hmm is a word, P5 Mrs. Whiters) (sorry, personal, um, joke, i guess) but anyways, i'm meaning to check out a bunch of books tomorrow, and return Life as we Knew It.


i just realized that i've probably been spelling your name wrong, correct me if needed!=)

cheers, ciao!


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

oh, "b" is me, analie, or Blue Wolved and Mushrooms, sorry for any incovenience, please issue all complaints to Blue Wolves and Mushrooms, thank you. Thank you for your patronige, (sorry for spelling, most people, i presume know what i'm trying to spell, Mrs. Pulley for example)and, as Droopy always said, "i'm happy."

happy as a bumble bee, yes, that's me!!