Thursday, April 19, 2012

2nd round of Watership questions-- to Part II

There's some confusing language in this book, so I'm very surprised that you guys haven't posted here or even come talked to me in person. Anyway, here are the questions for this week's reading:

1. Cowslip's warren is very, very strange. Discuss the ways this warren is different from Hazel's.

2. Fiver compares Cowslip's warren to "trees in November" (ch. 14). What does he mean?

3. Both Dandelion and Silverweed recite in the great burrow. How are the two different?

4. Why does Strawberry join Hazel's group?


Read. Discuss. Next page goal-- Jacob, Matthew and I figured it out, and if we want to finish this book by the 14th, we have to read 87.25 pages a week. Therefore, our next page goal is to page 217, chapter 25, "The Raid." It's a little short of the actual goal, so we'll have to make up for that next time. It's good stuff, though! I hope you enjoy reading it. And if you need to, get caught up!

Mrs. P

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1st round of discussion questions for Watership Down

There's a lot of setting and character building at the beginning of this book-- very heavy on the exposition, but you'll be glad for it later. So, let's start with some pretty basic questions:

1. How does Hazel end up being the group leader? What are his personality traits that allow him to lead? Does Fiver have something to do with Hazel being leader?

2. Rabbits are creatures of habit. How is it that such a relatively large group of rabbits is willing to leave with Hazel and Fiver?

3. Who's your favorite rabbit so far? Why?

4. We get our first El-ahrairah story in this section. Does it remind you of anything you've read before? Describe similarities and differences!

That's it for now. I have a conference to go to Thursday, but you guys will still meet with Mr. Custis. NEXT PAGE GOAL: It's a big one-- let's push to Part II, page 132. We gotta get motivated if we're going to finish this in six weeks and still have time to watch the movie!

Mrs. P

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surprise! Bookies, we have a new book ready for you to check out!

You guys were super-enthusiastic, so I went to the book room and grabbed copies. Come on up and check one out ASAP-- The reading goal for next Thursday is p. 59, "The Road and the Common." This is long, so we're going to have to crank it out if we want to finish before school's over (Woohoo!). Questions will be posted soon; until then, feel free to discuss here. The blog should be fixed! If not, shoot me an email or come up and let me know.
Yay! I love this book. It's also one of Mr. Mehsling's favorites, so maybe we can get him to come in and talk about it with us. Regardless, you guys will be able to talk to him when you see him about it-- he would like that.
Mrs. P