Monday, September 30, 2013

Ender's Game Discussion Questions: Chapters 1-7

Hi Bookies!

Let's all be prepared to discuss these questions (you can respond here, certainly, and start a conversation now!) AND share out for our roles this Thursday!

Chapter 1
1.      Discuss the problems Ender faces as a “third."
2.      How old is Ender?  Are his actions appropriate to his age?
Chapter 2
3.      “Bugger” is the word used to refer to the aliens that have attacked the earth on two previous occasions.  Describe the buggers as you understand them from the chapter.
4.      This book contains some language which is often considered objectionable.  How do you feel about his kind of language in books?  Why do you think the author has his characters use this kind of language?
Chapter 3
5.     Describe Valentine.  How dose she feel about Ender?  Why wasn’t she chosen for Battle School?
6.   Explain how Ender is a composite between Peter and Valentine.
Chapter 4
7.   What does Ender’s understanding about gravity reveal about Ender’s ability to think?  How might this benefit him in outer space?
8.   Why doesn’t Graff stop the boy from hitting Ender on the head?  What happens to the boy?
Chapter 5
9.      Of what importance are the games that the boys play?  How does Ender do at these games?
10.     Who becomes Ender’s first friend?  Under what circumstances?
Chapter 6
11.      Describe the computer game.  Why can’t Ender beat the giant at first?  How does he eventually win?  What lesson does this teach Ender?
Chapter 7
12.  Describe the computer game now that Ender has beaten the giant.  How does Ender identify with the children in the game?
13.  Why are adults the real enemies?
14.   Why is Petra Arkanian exactly the wrong kind of friend to have?  What valuable skill does she eventually teach Ender?

See you Thursday!
Mrs. P

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ender's Game! 2nd Goal

Hey Bookies,

It was so nice to meet our newbies to the club-- Big Rattler Welcome to Elijah Weiner and Josh Dvorak!  We have one more joining us as well, and, you old-school slackers, she's ahead of the page goal already.  Richelle Kelly (7th grade) will be at our meeting next Thursday.  Woohoo!  Fresh blood.  :)

For the next meeting everyone will be on the same page; we will read to p. 97, chapter 8, "Rat."  Those of you who are reading this quickly, please don't read too far ahead.  The conversations get very confusing when you can't remember what happened when in the book, as I am sure all of you are aware.

See you guys on Thursday the 3rd!
Mrs. P

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Altona Library Book Club-- 1st Meeting is 9/19!

Hi everyone!

Ready to start reading?  Who's in this year?  Holler back and let me know.  Also, do you guys have any amazing suggestions for books for us to read?  I'm thinking of starting the club off with Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, a science fiction novel following a boy named Ender chosen for an elite military school and the challenging training he goes through there.  It's really pretty fascinating, and the movie version comes out November 1st!  However, I am open to ideas... post them as comments here as well.

See you guys on the 19th!
Mrs. P