Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bookies-- no meeting tomorrow!

Hey guys,

Tomorrow is going to be nuts, so can we discuss pages we would like to read over the next ten days here? I am thinking that the print doesn't look too hard to read... what do you guys say about going for chapter 9, "Locke and Demosthenes", p. 120 by our first meeting the Friday following break? It's a first thought; let me know if you have a different suggestion.

Woohoo Thanksgiving break!
Mrs. P

New Moon Trivia #5!

Hmmm... we'll finish with a bang!

What kind of car did Alice "borrow" in Italy?

Okay, so make your answers very complete, very thorough, and turn them in by noon tomorrow. DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR NAME AND GRADE ON THE PAPER! Three prizes will be awarded to the first three names drawn with all correct answers. Good luck, everyone!
Mrs. P

New Moon Trivia Question #4

Here's number four...

Who finds Bella in the forest after Edward leaves her?

And now I'll post #5...
Mrs. P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon Trivia Question #3

Answer me this question numbered three:

What does Alice call Jacob to insult him?

Remember, all answers due Friday morning! I'm actually going to do the drawing early afternoon, so be sure you have your responses with YOUR NAME AND GRADE ON THEM into the library by noon at the latest.

And yes, you can use the book (or whatever resources) to look up the answer!
Mrs. P

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon Trivia Question #2

All right, folks, time to make the questions a little more difficult! Answer me this:

Where does Jake say vampires have an advantage over werewolves?

Remember, bring all correct responses to the library on Friday before the end of the day to be entered in the drawing! The drawing will happen at 3:00 pm.

Mrs. P

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Book Club Book?

At the end of our meeting today, Mr. Mehsling suggested we read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. No one present had read it (except for him), and I have been meaning to read it forever, so I'm in. We need to hear from Joel, Rachael, Nathan and our newbie, Maya. What do you guys think?

Just so you know, what made him think of it was a brief discussion of the Hunger Games... I think it would be interesting to read and compare the two!

Let's hear it.
Happy Weekend!
Mrs. P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Moon Trivia Quesion #1

I know I'm going to be busy tonight, so I'm posting Question #1 early (if you have no idea what this is about, read the previous post below!). Here it is:

Question #1:
1. What gift does Jane have that makes her so influential?

Don't forget to FOLLOW THE RULES as listed below!

Mrs. P

New Moon Trivia Contest Begins!

The Rules:
1. Questions will be posted one at a time daily on the Rattlers Reads blog. Visit the blog tomorrow, Friday the 13th, and then Monday through Thursday of next week to see the questions.
2. You must turn in ALL responses on Friday, November 20th; answers should be numbered 1-5, and you should have your name and grade clearly visible on the page.
3. DO NOT post answers here on the blog, and DO NOT turn in answers before Thursday.
4. You must answer all five questions correctly. Duh!
5. The drawing will take place on Friday the 20th; winners will be notified that afternoon both in person and on the blog. Prizes are a surprise. :)

Questions? Add a comment here and ask away!
Mrs. P

Pizza tomorrow-- + desserts?

Something tells me that it is really poor form to celebrate our finishing this amazing Holocaust book by gorging ourselves on pizza and sweets, but since there's no movie to watch (unless you guys want to watch a really excellent documentary on the Holocaust-- we can talk about that)or anything like that, and it is lunch time, well, we'll eat. :) I'll order the pizza; if you guys can comment here and tell us who will be bringing drinks (sodas or lemonade or whatever) and who will bring desserts, that would be excellent. We'll do a final discussion (BRING YOUR BOOKS!)and then toast with our pizza slices. Oh, and we'll discuss options for our next book-- thanks to Nathan for already coming up with some good suggestions!

So who's in for what?
Mrs. P

P.S. I shut of the comment moderation again because it wasn't sending me notification emails; instead, you will find out a word verification process which supposedly will cut down on spam posts. We'll see.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Comment Moderation Is ON

Just an FYI guys-- I'm not sure what happened, but all of a sudden some serious spam has started to show up in our comments. I'm turning on the comment moderation feature (rather than your comments showing up immediately, they get emailed to me for approval first and then I publish them) for a while until hopefully everything goes back to normal. Sorry you won't see your comments immediately, but I promise I'll try to stay on top of moderating and get them published quickly!

Mrs. P

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last Meeting for The Book Thief this Friday!

Just so we're all on the same page...
We're going to finish the book for our meeting Friday! I definitely haven't read enough this weekend, but I'll get on it tonight. :) I'm still at a loss as to what we should do to "celebrate" finishing this book. Any ideas? We could do a food thing-- order pizza? Everyone bring a dessert to share? What do you guys think?

All right, I'm off to read.
Mrs. P

As requested, Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

I haven't read this book, so hopefully there are enough of you out there to generate a fun conversation about this book/series. Which one is your favorite? How's the new one? What makes them so popular, you think?

Mrs. p

As requested, Life As We Knew It!

We discussed this book some last year, but let's revisit. Who's read it? What did you think of it? I'll jump in later...

Mrs. P

12 days and counting...

Okay, I really trimmed down the last New Moon post, so if yours got deleted, I apologize. I don't normally do that-- I try to honor everyone's voice-- but what was there was a little overwhelming. Or underwhelming. :) Anyway, we'll see how it goes here!

I will be adding posts for Life As We Knew It and Diary of a Wimpy Kid as requested. :)

Someone asked whose team I'm on... While I like Jacob as a character, to me he's just not the love story-- the love story is Bella and Edward. So count me on Team Edward I suppose. :) In the book, he's hard not to appreciate!

Others have asked what the Twilight Saga is about; click here to read the story behind the novel Twilight, and click here to read about New Moon (and the titles are hyperlinked to to so you can read synopses of the books). Hopefully this helps!

One of the posts I deleted actually made me stop and think after the fact-- someone said they didn't like Bella, but they liked the books. Now I am sorry I deleted that, because Bella's perceived weakness is probably the most common criticism of the books. So let's discuss it! What do we think of Bella? Is she Every Girl, or is she too weak to represent? Hmm...

Mrs. P

Monday, November 2, 2009

18 Days Until New Moon Arrives!

The countdown begins!
We are coming up with some cool ideas for ways to celebrate this super-cool event, including the same sort of trivia game we ran for Twilight, so keep your eyes on the blog and your ears on the morning announcements for more info. To start, you must decide--
~Are you a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob?~

You will have to declare your allegience in the library, and then you will earn points for your team. I think. I'm working on it!

Regardless, if you haven't seen all the new and cool stuff on the official Stephenie Meyer website, click here to see the latest and greatest.

This one I really like! The New Moon Movie Blog is killing time before the movie release by re-reading the book together, a chapter a day! They are on chapter 7 now, so it wouldn't be too hard to catch up if you are interested. I might join in here soon!

MTV has a pretty extensive New Moon news page, so you can check that out as well by clicking here.

Any other sources of info you guys know about? Let me know!

Mrs. P