Friday, November 13, 2009

New Book Club Book?

At the end of our meeting today, Mr. Mehsling suggested we read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. No one present had read it (except for him), and I have been meaning to read it forever, so I'm in. We need to hear from Joel, Rachael, Nathan and our newbie, Maya. What do you guys think?

Just so you know, what made him think of it was a brief discussion of the Hunger Games... I think it would be interesting to read and compare the two!

Let's hear it.
Happy Weekend!
Mrs. P


JAD said...

Well thats funny, First post!!! Well i did check this book out because megan reccommended it for me but i was never able to get to it...but i really want to see what its all about!!! So yea i go for this book!!!! Have a nice weekend guys!!!!


Kaari said...

My brother said it was really good. Oh, and Mrs. P did Maya talk to you and ask what book we are going to read?

Kukulkan said...

I'm in as well. And may I say it was a pleasure discussing "The Book Thief" with such a fine group of young minds. Thank you for making a worthwhile experience.

Rae said...

Hey, I'm up for anything really at this point.
By the way: my seventh grade buddy Bailee wants to join the book club, too. I'll get her in the library or on the blog sometime.

JAD said...

Cool!!! were getting more and more people in this boo0k club!!! Yeay!!! Well ill ask some people if they want to join, too!!!


Kaari said...

Oh ya, Bailee told me she wanted to join.

Mrs. P said...

All right, guys-- Ender's Game it is! I'm doing an open posting on the board and in the morning announcements to see if anyone else would like to join us for this book, so be prepared for our numbers to swell. We've already got three newbies; be sure to say howdy to Olivia Knight, Bailee Cruger and Maya Perrin! Hey boys, we've gotten a little out of gender balance, so if you know of any guys... :)

Roshon said...

Yesh! I've been meaning to read this book so I'm excited to start! ^_- I extend an open greeting to our new members. ;)


Mrs. Media Clerk said...

One of the best books I've read! An awesome science fiction - Enjoy!

JAD said...

Hahahaha!!! Well we do have more girls!!! i will conitnue to ask more people if want to join!!! i am very excited on reading this book!!!! well see you all soon and my solute to all the new people!!! welcome!!!!

~joel 8)

Garrison said...

yay i could get on here now cuz im useing joels computer! i still cant get on with my computer but im getting a laptop over fall break so i will be able to get on soon. when i got the enders game book it took me a while to realize that is our bookclub book!

Rae said...

Hey! bro. 'indirectly' gave me my book by leaving it on my band shelf (bari sax gets a shelf not a locker) some band geek (ugh) took off with it. My other brother says he knows who it was. Should be no big deal.
I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but reading something different never hurts!
See you all tomorrow!
P.S. Girls are amazing btw.