Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon Trivia Question #2

All right, folks, time to make the questions a little more difficult! Answer me this:

Where does Jake say vampires have an advantage over werewolves?

Remember, bring all correct responses to the library on Friday before the end of the day to be entered in the drawing! The drawing will happen at 3:00 pm.

Mrs. P


Roshon said...

Oh darn, I forgot to answer the first question...I'll see if I can look for this one. ^ ^

teamedwardisawesome!!!!! said...

gosh, this is HARD!!!!!

Mrs. P said...

There's been some confusion about this question, so I'll give some clarification and maybe a hint.

1. I am NOT looking for a page number.
2. Here's a doozy of a hint-- I AM looking for a biome. Jacob talks about a specific biome where vampires have an advantage. :)