Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bookies-- no meeting tomorrow!

Hey guys,

Tomorrow is going to be nuts, so can we discuss pages we would like to read over the next ten days here? I am thinking that the print doesn't look too hard to read... what do you guys say about going for chapter 9, "Locke and Demosthenes", p. 120 by our first meeting the Friday following break? It's a first thought; let me know if you have a different suggestion.

Woohoo Thanksgiving break!
Mrs. P


Mrs. Platt said...

Hey Rattlers,
The Bulldogs are starting Enders Game tonight at their bookclub. We would love to chat with you abou the book.
See Ya Online,
Mrs. Platt (ya, the nice Platt)

Mrs. P said...

Woohoo! I forgot to mention we were going to have company from the Mead MS library joining us... Welcome to our Bulldog friends, Mr. Platt's wife (she's Mead's librarian)included!

Mrs. P

Kaari said...

That works for me!And welcome to the blog Bulldogs!

bitsy said...

sounds interesting... ill look for it in the mms libary

Roshon said...

Mrs. Pulley, did you see Rachael's post about her book being taken? It's on the first post....

Hmmm, I still need to pick up my book...I'll get it tommorrow during aiding. Who's in Mead's bookclub, out of curiosity. I might know some of them from Honors Orchestra...maybe.


[size=2]is it rude to say that Mr. Platt intimidates me?[/size]

Roshon said...

(Pffft, of course it doesn't work....)

I also forgot to ask if the Meaders will be joining us on the blog or physically?

JAD said...

hi guys its joel!!! Welcome to the book club bulldogs!!! hope we see you either online ar in person??? well ill start reading. happy thanksgiving!!!


Kukulkan said...

I didn't know Platt's read books????

Jsut kidding. A very special welcome to the Bulldogs, and a to the new Rattler Bookies.

I had a lot of fun with you guys on "The Book Thief" and am looking forward to "Enders Game"

Have a great holiday week and we will see you when we get back....

Gobble, bobble, dobbledy, doo!!!!

Garrison said...

Yay I can now go on the blog! I got a new laptop so now I will be on that blog a lot more often it was terrible not being able to get on the blog. happy thanksgiving! Im almost done with the page goal it is such a good book but I decided to read a little each day.

Roshon said...

Yes, the book is very good. :) I started it yesterday so I'm not very far....and I hope you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving! ^ ^


Kaari said...

Wow I normally don't stray very far from fantasy but I see now that I should more often, this is really good!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't posted yet my grandparents computer didn't work, well anyway welcome bulldogs! Hate to say it but I loved this book and finished it twice over brake talk to you'll later!

Lauren said...

I remember reading this book when I was in middle school, but it definitely seems different from an adult perspective. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's comments!