Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Moon Trivia Contest Begins!

The Rules:
1. Questions will be posted one at a time daily on the Rattlers Reads blog. Visit the blog tomorrow, Friday the 13th, and then Monday through Thursday of next week to see the questions.
2. You must turn in ALL responses on Friday, November 20th; answers should be numbered 1-5, and you should have your name and grade clearly visible on the page.
3. DO NOT post answers here on the blog, and DO NOT turn in answers before Thursday.
4. You must answer all five questions correctly. Duh!
5. The drawing will take place on Friday the 20th; winners will be notified that afternoon both in person and on the blog. Prizes are a surprise. :)

Questions? Add a comment here and ask away!
Mrs. P


location??? said...

where/who do we turn the answers into?

Mrs. P said...

I did kindo of leave that off, didn't I? :) Sorry about that. Answers should be turned in to either Mrs. Carter or me in the library. There will be an end-of-day announcement as to who the winners are from the drawing.