Friday, April 30, 2010

Finishing the Book for Friday!

All right, everyone! Let's sally forth and finish this book. After it is done, we'll have a pizza party and watch the movie over a couple of lunch/SSR days... sound good?

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Page Goal for Friday!

I can't remember who I told that I would use the movie art this time, but here you go. :) All right, folks-- we're reading to p. 375, Part IV, "Hazel-rah". Let's all try to:
A. Meet the page goal, and
B. Be at the meeting!
We WILL watch the movie of this when we finish the book, so let's get on it!

Mrs. P

Friday, April 9, 2010

2nd Reading Goal Discussion

Heya Bookies!
Sorry I missed the meeting today; I was really looking forward to discussing the book. For others not in attendance, we decided to go with a small reading goal for next Friday of p. 300 (chapter 33, The Great River)so that hopefully we can all get caught up and be on the same page. Here were my discussion questions for the 2nd reading goal:

1. The rabbits show amazing powers of adaptation. What have been some of the ways they have adapted to survive so far?

2. Kehaar is one of my favorite characters! What do you guys think he means by “iron road”? What did you think of the author introducing him to Hazel’s warren?

3. Hazel takes a big risk in freeing the hutch rabbits from the farm. Why does he do it?

4. Fiver’s character is changing as this story moves along. How do you see him now as opposed to the beginning of the story?

5. This book was originally written in 1972. What historical situations might the author be referencing in the story, particularly with General Woundwort’s warren, Efrafa?

Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!
Mrs. P

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Stephenie Meyer novella!

Did you guys know this is coming out? Check out Stephenie Meyer's website to get all the cool details! Very interesting.

Mrs. P

Meeting this Friday!

Hey Bookies!
So we will have our first meeting in quite a while this Friday. Everyone should have read to Part III, through page 269; please try to be there so we can have a meaningful discussion about the events so far. I'll post some discussion questions for this last reading goal on Thursday.

There is an animated movie version of this book that we can watch as our celebratory wrap-up event; as I recall, it can be pretty brutal in parts as you might be getting a sense of, so as you read be thinking about whether or not you're interested in some lunch-time movie watching. :)

Okay, so gut-check time-- what page are you guys on? Post here and let me know. Any questions about anything? Concerns? Comments?

Hope you guys had a great spring break!
Mrs. P