Friday, April 9, 2010

2nd Reading Goal Discussion

Heya Bookies!
Sorry I missed the meeting today; I was really looking forward to discussing the book. For others not in attendance, we decided to go with a small reading goal for next Friday of p. 300 (chapter 33, The Great River)so that hopefully we can all get caught up and be on the same page. Here were my discussion questions for the 2nd reading goal:

1. The rabbits show amazing powers of adaptation. What have been some of the ways they have adapted to survive so far?

2. Kehaar is one of my favorite characters! What do you guys think he means by “iron road”? What did you think of the author introducing him to Hazel’s warren?

3. Hazel takes a big risk in freeing the hutch rabbits from the farm. Why does he do it?

4. Fiver’s character is changing as this story moves along. How do you see him now as opposed to the beginning of the story?

5. This book was originally written in 1972. What historical situations might the author be referencing in the story, particularly with General Woundwort’s warren, Efrafa?

Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!
Mrs. P

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nathan said...

finnaly first for one of these, and a long time comming.
I would like to thank my Dad for always supporting me in blogging... and for always believing I could win such a prestigious award...

Anyway... I am bloging this evening to give you bookies a new word!


Be the first to decipher it's meaning... (it is related to watership down) and you COULD win some FABULOUS prizes.(It really depends on if I can think of any...)

Analie and Rachael are excluded from this contest.