Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meeting this Friday!

Hey Bookies!
So we will have our first meeting in quite a while this Friday. Everyone should have read to Part III, through page 269; please try to be there so we can have a meaningful discussion about the events so far. I'll post some discussion questions for this last reading goal on Thursday.

There is an animated movie version of this book that we can watch as our celebratory wrap-up event; as I recall, it can be pretty brutal in parts as you might be getting a sense of, so as you read be thinking about whether or not you're interested in some lunch-time movie watching. :)

Okay, so gut-check time-- what page are you guys on? Post here and let me know. Any questions about anything? Concerns? Comments?

Hope you guys had a great spring break!
Mrs. P


Kaari said...

I'm at the reading goal! I have to admit at the beginning of the book I was a little worried, but now I'm loving it!

nathan said...

I'm getting hooked, but can't really get my brain on the whole Idea.

I BELIEVE that I can make it friday... but with yearbook & MESA, you never REALLY know...

hOpEfUlLy sEe yOu tHeN!

Srta. Bahrenburg said...

I reread the book (maybe the 4th time) over break.