Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bookies-- Is anyone reading this wonderful book besides me?!

I can hardly put it down! Okay, it feels weird putting another post on here about reading goals when I don't know where any of you are at this point and no one has responded with any answers to the first round of discussion questions, but here goes. Let's make the goal for the end of spring break to be Part III--Efrafa (p.271). That is a spot that makes sense. I'll post questions for the second reading goal later this week, if and when I hear from some of you and it sounds like you're ready or close-to-ready.

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring break!
Mrs. P


Kukulkan said...

Guys and Gals,

I hope you are enjoying this book. It is a good story, but there is sooooooo much more going on. I am not near this new page goal, because I am finding that I am having to go back and reread sections. (Plus I am here in Arizona over spring break and Mr. Platt keeps telling me to watch the movie)

I think this book is one of the more timeless pieces we have read this year and is number two on my list so far (behind "Book Thief"). So much of what goes on up to our first reading goal is in many ways, as I see it related to society today.
However, there are so many thoughts I have on this book so far that it is hard to organize them into one nice tightly wrapped post.

I have a few questions for you (if Mrs. Pulley doesn't mind)

1. What would a utopian society look like to you?

2. Cowslip's warren obviously appears to be a utopian society when Hazel and his gang arrive. What tips them off that all is not what it seems?

3. Is the man who owns the farm in Cowslip's warren a symbol of something else?

4. Anybody else loving the mythology? What about the fact that Cowslip's warren thinks of Dandelion's story as just that, a "traditional story with a lot of charm...told in real old fashioned spirit" Does this have any bearing on today's world? Have we as a society lost our roots? Are we doomed to forget ourselves if we do not know where we come from?

In the introduction the author states that " I want to emphasize that "Watership Down" was never intended to be some sort of allegory or parable..."

Do you believe him?

I'll stop now. Just wanted to get on and talk. I can't wait to get back from break and discuss this book with you guys.

Hope everyone is having a super super Spring Break.

p.s. its almost 80 degrees in Phoenix....and post post post!!!! What else do you have to do?

Roshon said...

((Mr. Custis, don't listen to Mr. Platt's evil influences! D; ))

Don't worry, Ms. Pulley, I'm definitely reading it- I finished Good Omens on...Thursday, I think, and that was really what I was waiting for. Personally, I love it so far(even though I'm not that far in...), I like the writing, I like the idea....But I don't like the fact that I nearly have to pull the book apart to read the last few words.

Interesting questions, Mr. Custis, I'll answer them when I get up to that point.

And I know that at least Joel is reading it...I haven't talked to the others about it, though.


Np said...

post comming soon.

Mr C's Questions are taking a while to write. mainly number one...

I <3 Spring break!!!

Kukulkan said...

Remember that my question are only concerning the first reading goal, and I should have posted them there....but I probably should have ansered Mrs. Pulley's questions instead of asking my own...sorry Pulley...

Everchanging said...

Hey Bookies! I've been MIA for a long time, I'm really sorry. And I meant to come visit last week, during my break (which you had school) but it obviously didn't happen.

But I stroll over to blogspot just to check out what you guys are reading now--and I was surprised since I was thinking about Watership Down and how it's such a cute story that I wished I read earlier.

Keep reading!

nathan said...

today was harsh...
13 mile bike ride.
3 hours of shopping :(
Room cleaning
I still had loads of fun :)
(obviously they need to get me checkewd in the head...)

I experienced the wonders of five minute chocolate cake today! ten ingredents, 3 minutes in the microwave, and viola!
CAKE! :)
IMHO, there couln't be a better thing than nearly-instant cake!
Post your interest, & I will bring you a copy to ext meeting...I have some reading to do...Will be better with chocolate cake! :)
I just noticed I never post while the sun is up. Maybe I'm a vampire, oohh or a werewolf! if koalas where nocturnal, I would be one. Wow I'm crazy tonight LOL!


Mrs. P said...

Custis-- I don't mind you adding questions at all! I encourage it from everyone, actually. Feel free.

Everchanging-- Hey Lulu! Good to hear from you. I agree with you on many, many things, but I don't know if I can concur with the idea that W.D. is a "cute" story; there may be too much graphic violence for that!

Analie-- I'm interested to hear your thoughts about the book Friday! I know you really disliked the last cheesefest book we read, so I'm hoping this one lives up to your standards. :)

Nathan-- Chocolate-scarfing vampire. I like it.

Where are the rest of you? Nathan, where's Rachael? Kaari? Bailee? Jamia? Kenneth isn't participating in this one, which is sad since I think he would really enjoy this book.

See you guys Friday!
Mrs. P