Monday, March 22, 2010

1st round of discussion questions

There's a lot of setting and character building at the beginning of this book-- very heavy on the exposition, but you'll be glad for it later. So, let's start with some pretty basic questions:

1. How does Hazel end up being the group leader? What are his personality traits that allow him to lead? Does Fiver have something to do with Hazel being leader?

2. Rabbits are creatures of habit. How is it that such a relatively large group of rabbits is willing to leave with Hazel and Fiver?

3. Cowslip's warren is very, very strange. Discuss the ways this warren is different from Hazel's.

4. Fiver compares Cowslip's warren to "trees in November" (ch. 14). What does he mean?

5. Both Dandelion and Silverweed recite in the great burrow. How are the two different?

Okay, I'll post some for the next section of reading later this week!
Mrs. P


Kukulkan said...

Mr. Custis is loving this book so far!!!! haven't read to our stopping point yet, but will post when I do.

Roshon said...

Same with Mr. Custis. Will get back to this blog. ^ ^

Mrs. P said...

SNOW DAY TOMORROW! Lots of time to read, folks. :)

NP said...

Finnaly Feeling Hooked!
my book was in my locker during snow day...Too Bad.

Getting closer to the page goal, knowing some of the words helps!

I ABSOULUTELY CANNOT believe that we have 3 CSAPS tommorow, and have 1 b4 rattler cup. I also cannot believe that we HAVE rattler cup.
It is going to be kinda cold for kickball....

My word verification is Cuust?!
what in the world is that supposed to mean. I got to bed now!

Snowday was worth it though! My big sis is in town for her break, so we got to have dinner with her at the melting pot! I forced everyone to watch the Princess Bride, we decorated easter eggs filled with confetti, and we played monopoly cards as a family.


Mrs Burch said...

Oddly enough I am hooked on this book now. Never thought a bunch of rabbits would be so interesting. I'm on the edge of my seat to see if they will get what they are looking for. Don't want to give it away since I dont have my book to see where everyone is supposed to be.
One question I can answer is that Hazel became leader by default really. He believed Fiver when he said something bad was coming. He felt he had to try and tell others and give them a chance to leave with them. It just happened that they all looked to him to be leader even though Bigwig was an Owsla.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break!

Kaari said...

Sorry I havn't posted in a while! I've been so busy! Well here goes!
1.) I think Hazel ended up being the group leader because his brother wanted to leave so he took charge. He is persistent and calm which encourages the others to keep going.

2.) Some rabbits like Bigwig were tired of being treated unfairly by the chief rabbit and the rabbits who were going to leave convinced others to go with them.

3.) Cowslip's warren doesn't have a cheif rabbit, and there are no predators around. Cowslip's warren is also very strange because no one is allowed to ask where.

4.)Hmmm, I'll have to come back to that one I can't find the quote.

5.) Dandelion recites an old rabbit legend. A story that's been passed down from generation to generation, but Silverweed recites a poem that he was the author of.

Srta. Bahrenburg said...

Kaari said... I think Hazel ended up being the group leader because his brother wanted to leave so he took charge. He is persistent and calm which encourages the others to keep going.

I think that there is also the fact that the group is made up of the "leftovers". Bigwig was part of the Owsla in the warren, but they wouldn't want to start being bossed right away again. Hazel was a peer leader.