Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gordon Korman Book Club

I am so sorry, my Rattler Readers!
I have been a super-lame blogger, haven't I? Well, I am back on the job, I promise. :) So, what's new? What are you guys reading right now? I am about to start Brisingr--Anton was kind enough to lend me a copy because ours are perpetually checked out!--but other than that it's been adult books for me lately. Time for some YA!

I was going to see who wanted to be in a book club to read some of Gordon Korman's stuff, but all of the 6th and 7th grade teachers checked out all of my copies to read in class! So, if you are in a class with Prodanovich, Thibault or Butler, you will probably be reading No More Dead Dogs or Schooled very soon. :) If you are not in one of their classes, how would you like to do a book club read of Schooled with me? Comment and let me know!

Gotta run-- thanks for being patient with me!

Mrs. P