Friday, March 12, 2010

Wrap it Up

So, we had a small meeting today due to everyone's work load. That's okay. I don't think the book inspired much enthusiasm, generally speaking! But, to stick a fork in it and call it done, let's give it a rating:
~Pulley's Rating System~
5=Most Awesome!
3=Good...Good but not great by any means
2=*shoulder shrug*
1=Two Thumbs Down! (this should be very difficult to get)
So give it a number and explain, and we will move along.
Mrs. P

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Roshon said...

(Do I have to do this again?)

Alrighty, so in the meeting, I gave the book a 1.5.

For me, there were too many things working against it- title, plot, predictablity, writing style, and characters. (No, I don't care if Emma is 5 years old.)

Title- The title put me off from the begining.
Plot- Was an okay plot- rather average and nothing really new.
Predictability- Obvious from the start.
Writing Style- Not too bad, it kind of made me grunt in the beginning though....
Characters- Must I go there?