Monday, April 26, 2010

New Page Goal for Friday!

I can't remember who I told that I would use the movie art this time, but here you go. :) All right, folks-- we're reading to p. 375, Part IV, "Hazel-rah". Let's all try to:
A. Meet the page goal, and
B. Be at the meeting!
We WILL watch the movie of this when we finish the book, so let's get on it!

Mrs. P

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Mrs. Burch said...

A few ways the rabbits have adapted is that they have lived above ground (hlessil). The bucks have dug burrows even tho it's considered a does job to dig them.They have become brave.

I love Kehaar he plays a big part in helping Hazel and his warren. The author gave the rabbits a way to see beyond their world by having a bird to tell them the lay of the land.It shows how smart Hazel is to befriend 'others' .Kehaar saves them more than once.

Hazel is determined to free the hutch rabbits to insure that they will have does to keep the warren going. Doing his part for the warren.

Fiver is now a stable and believable character that Hazel relies on.