Friday, November 21, 2008

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series!

Okay folks,
Karin-Chan requested a post to discuss The Percy Jackson books, so here you go! Also, I was cruising Rick Riordan's site to see if there was any info about when #5 might be coming out, and while I didn't find anything like that, I did find a recommended reading list from Mr. Riordan himself to keep you entertained while you wait. Click here to see what books he recommends, and please note that Hunger Games is on there, which is one of our newbies that I've been telling you all about. Check it out!

So, what do we think of Percy and his adventures? And how about this, if you were the son or daughter of a Greek god, which one would be your parent and why?

Mrs. P


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

haha, interesting questions... i would like to be the daughter of Athena, but being a Hunter would be nice too. I personally thought that the Hunger Games was a very good book. i bought it at the book fair and it only took me like 3 days to finninsh it.



nathan said...

(no offense to finland!)

Okay...Back to business!
Personaly, I love the books.

I can't realy pick just one god to be the son of, but I imagine that I too would be a son of poisidon (ABC check that one!)I LOVE to swim.

If not, I would be related to athena also. I love crafts, and enjoy making things

See Ya!

blue wolves and mushrooms said...


what was up with your first sentence? it makes no sense! have you read Born to Rock yet? I'm going to read it after turkey day. and ABC check? you just make no sense at all...



Anonymous said...

lol analie!


nathan said...

Okay, I'll break it down for you analie! it only took me like 3 days to finninsh it.

nathan said...

Yes, I have finninshed
My pages in "Born To Rock"

I'm lovn' it!
Send me a postcard from finnland

Raptor said...

Mrs. Pulley, could you put up a blog for the Alex Rider series? Thanks

raptor said...

Mrs. Pulley, could you put up a blog about the Alex Rider series? Thanks