Thursday, November 20, 2008

Book Club Meeting Tomorrow!

Hi guys!
Okay, so I think we're in agreement to meet tomorrow during the second half of lunch. Why don't we all head up to the library @ noon:10? That give us 50ish minutes of lunch and 30ish minutes to discuss the book. Sound good? Hopefully I'll have enough copies of Born to Rock to get us all started before Thanksgiving-- I believe I will.

All right, so as a first comment to this post I will add questions to lead our discussion tomorrow. Read them over and have ideas about what you want to discuss. I'm looking forward to it!
Mrs. P


Mrs. Pulley said...

Food for thought:

1. How does Cap make a connection with Sophie? What do common interests do they share? How does he try to make up for her dad’s thoughtlessness? Does it work? Have you ever acted anonymously on someone’s behalf?
3. Mr. Kasigi admits, “I had long suspected how the kids went about picking their eighth grade president. And when I chose to look the other way, I was sort of putting a stamp of approval on it.” (p. 154) How does this decision blow up in his face? Can adults sometimes be complicit in the bullying that can happen in schools? Do you think he deserved what he got? Why?
4. What happens at the pep assembly? Have you ever experienced other examples of group mentality? What do the students at school ultimately believe happened to Cap? How is it resolved?
5. Despite his experiences in middle school and his longing to go home to Garland once he is there Cap suddenly misses his classmates and the chaos he has come to understand. How can some experiences change who you are? In the end, what do they decide to do? Do you think it is the right decision for Cap’s future? Why?

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

hey mrs. Pulley,

haha... I just loved that book! Gordon Korman (sorry on spelling) is quite a character...


kracoon said...

I got it see you!

Anonymous said...

[color=violet][/color]Whoa! I love Book Clubs!