Thursday, November 6, 2008

SCHOOLED book club is on like donkey kong!

All right, so far there is five of us-- Nathan, Rachael, Analie and Garrison (you still want in, right, Analie?), which is plenty to start a book club in my opinion! If anyone out there is still interested, come see me! I'm in the process of gathering copies right now so we can get reading over the weekend. I'm excited to get some of his books under my belt so I'll be ready to talk with him when he visits; maybe we can roll through this one and get one or two more read before December 11th when he's here in person! Incidentally, here is a clip of him on YouTube discussing Swindle; I couldn't get it to load today, but maybe you'll have better luck from home. Enjoy!
Thanks guys--
Mrs. P


Nathan said...

I'll try to swing by tommorow, not that you son't se enough of me...

... I love the library.
Reading a few more sounds great!
I absaloutly love the idea... the next book on my list -Except schooled, of course!- is definitly
"Behind the curtain" by peter abrahams it is the sequel to the book we read in english!

I can always use more books to read, over the summer I felt pretty empty as far as reading goes.

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

darn, am i too late to start? i'll try to swing by on Monday, i had to drop off my cello in orchestra on Friday due to Honors Orchestra.

see you then!


Mrs. Pulley said...

All right, so far Analie, Nathan, Rachael and Kenneth have picked up their copies of the book, and I've got mine, so I say Let's Start Reading! Everyone else can catch up, right? :) I think this is going to be a quick-and-easy read; there are super-short chapters and large type, so why don't we all try to get to the halfway point by Friday? That would be p. 100, chapter 16--"Capricorn Anderson. I say we Go Bold and shoot for that. Let's then meet Friday morning @ 8:00 (I promise I'll try to be on time!)so we can have a quick chat about the book. Also, I'll put up another post for as-we-go discussion.
Thanks guys! I'm excited!
Mrs. P

Rachael said...

Cool! I'm game! See ya on Friday! (at least!) I like the idea to read some of his books before he comes because at my elementary school I think Garry Hogs came to our school but I had never heard of his books!
P.S. What do we put in our URL box when submitting a comment?

blue wolves and mushrooms said...


sound great! i enjoyed the book before and expect nothing less if more. i might be a little late, i have to drop off my cello in the orchestra room in the morning, should only take me about 3-5 min. or so. do we have to take notes or something?



Mrs. Pulley said...

To Nathan--
What is Behind the Curtain a sequel to, Down the Rabbit Hole? I think I need to get that for the library, then!

To Rachel--
You don't have to put anything in the URL; if you had your own website, you could link it there, I think, but you certainly don't have to.

To Analie--
I've posted discussion questions for us to use in the morning, but you only have to take notes if you want to. I'll probably jot notes because that's just how I roll. :)

To Kenneth--
Are you out there, Buddy? Haven't heard from you in a while! See you in the morning, right?

Mrs. P