Monday, December 1, 2008

Are You Ready for the New Moon Movie?!

Hey Twilight Fans!
I know, I know-- Twilight is still in the theaters and I'm already pushing the sequel. I'll not deny the fact that I found Twilight the movie a bit disappointing; with no budget, those special effects suffered, didn't they? And that would be why I'm looking forward to the sequel! Hopefully the studio will see the benefits to giving the creators more money... here's to wishing, anyway. While trying to glean some info about New Moon, I stumbled upon this cool blog that is dedicated to all things New Moon Movie and such-- click here to find out the latest and greatest about the progress of bringing the story to the big screen. There are also cool pics of Volterra, Italy and footage of Tyler Lautner (Jacob) participating in a martial arts competition.

So here are my questions about this-- How do you think they will get Edward more into the New Moon story (I can't imagine they will let a sequel go by without having Rob Pattinson front and center, do you?)? Also, who has been on Meyer's website and read Midnight Sun (if you haven't, you really should!)?

Mrs. P


Emily said...

YES!!!! But I don't think it'll be as good because many people just like Edward. And because Edward isn't going to be in the movie a whole lot, then they may get fewer people. But other wise, YES, I am ready for the movie to come out, even though there's not a lot of Edward, I'm still up to the movie!

Kate said...

Did you know that they did decide to use the same Jacob? I'm so excited!!