Monday, December 1, 2008

Alex Rider!

I had a request from Raptor to set up a discussion area for the Alex Rider books which I was happy to do. So, who has read these and what do you think of them?! I personally have not read them yet, but I have them on my list. :) It's a long list, you know. Anyway, I found this this cool website that is dedicated to Alex Rider along with a pretty extensive author website that I will also add to the author area below.

Question: Did anyone see the movie version of Stormbreaker?

Mrs. P


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

hey! looks cool. i have Alex Rider on my list too (which is also fairly long and growing!)how was the movie? (for Alex Rider)


nathan said...

I agree with analie:

i have Alex Rider on my list too (which is also fairly long and growing!)

I really want to read it...Maybe I'll do that over break!

Speaking of Break(can't wait!!!) What Will the Gordon Korman Book Club Read durring Break?

...i aM wEiRd wItH mY cApItAlS...

blue wolves and mushrooms said...


wow. *this blog is full of surprises!* did you copy and italicis my words??? i hope you read mrs. P's message....


sarahmonkeez said...

i saw the alex rider movie. it was awesome.

blue wolves and mushrooms said...

hey, sarah!

I'm glad they cancled the meeting! I wasnt really looking forward to talking about stuff that I wouldnt do until next year.... :D


blue wolves and mushrooms said...

okay, that is Sarah from NJHS that i'm talking to, right??? you like monkeys! :D


zingzo-laughs said...

Hey... so on the Alex Rider series, which book is recommended first?

Caue I have no idea... XD

Raptor said...

Scorpia is obviously the best book, but you need to read all the books to understand it