Friday, March 25, 2011

Mockingbird-- Goal #4

All right, Bookies-- it's spring break!

Let's crank out a chunk over break, shall we? I say we shoot for p. 227, the start of chapter 24. Then we'll be a hop, skip and jump to finishing off the book when we get back, and then we can watch the movie version and get one more book in before the end of the year. How's that sound?

Mrs. P


Kaari said...

I just have to say that I am LOVING this book so far! I'm so glad we chose it!

Nathan said...

"Physics of the Impossible" was a truly fabulous book. It really was fun to read, informative, and even a little bit humorous. I highly recommend it to anyone, because it is just advanced enough to get complex ideas across, without going overboard. Kaiku's lucid visions of the future of the world are ideas that are more than just fun to entertain, but also will soon be obtained, including invisibility, faster than light travel, and mind-reading. He explored through the laws of physics the world of science fiction, in an attempt to show how nonfiction these ideas may come in the future. Read it.

nathan said...

I was going to simply write that a comment never killed anyone, but i realized that there have been many people killed for what they said... But NOT on this blog!!!

I'm back from Guatemala, and it was fantastic. Right now I am reading physics of the future, and Animal Farm. I need to go visit you guys, bye for now

nathan said...

Woah people... dont all comment at once!

Its too much to handle