Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird page goal #2

It seems we had some issues hitting the page goal this week, so we're going to buy some time next week with a much smaller page goal. Let's go to the beginning of Part II, page 113, and stop there. Then we can have a much more productive discussion next time!


Nathan said...

Analie... R U the one who put the penguin on the board?

Mackenzie said...

Are we having a meeting tomorrow?
I am a little confused with the Radleys, who is living there now? Who was the Radley that died?

nathan said...


-Boo Radley is the current resident of the Radley place.

-It is his Dad that died.

Mackenzie said...


Mrs. P said...

Hey Mackenzie,
Nathan is half right; Boo does live there, although no one ever sees him. Boo's brother, Mr. Nathan Radley, moved in when their father, Mr. Radley died. Their mother died at the beginning of chapter 8 (p. 63), so it's just the two brothers left in the house.

Hope that helps. Thanks for asking!
Mrs. P

Mackenzie said...

Oh ok, thanks!

Roshon said...

Penguin? I scrawled 'Roshon waz here!' on your fundraising paper-thingy~