Monday, April 18, 2011

And we've finished!

Or at least we should have. :) Let's discuss the following here on the blog prior to meeting Thursday. If people are conversing here, we can go right into watching the movie!

1. Why, according to Atticus, does Bob Ewell bear a grudge? Which people does Ewell see as his enemies, and why?
2. What explanation does Atticus give for Bob Ewell's attack? What does Heck Tate give as the reason for the attack? Do you think the sheriff's explanation or Atticus's is the more likely to be true?
3. Is Heck Tate right to spare Boo then publicity of an inquest? Give reasons for your answer.
4. How do the events of the final chapters explain the first sentence in the whole novel?
5. At the end of the novel, Atticus reads to Scout. Comment on his choice of story. Does it have any connection with themes earlier in the novel and in its ending?

All right, guys, your thoughts!
Mrs. P


nathan said...

naturally i'm the first to post...

nathan said...

and the second...
Did you guys watch the movie?
Its my favorite book-movie transformation, it so pure.
Anyways, I really haven't came and visited Altona at all. save once.
Missing you guys...

Anonymous said...

3. Yes, because he was protecting the kids.
5. His choice of story explains how a man is wrongly accused of a crime, but when they catch him he is proved innocent, and he was really nice when they finally saw him.
Sorry for only two of the answers. I shall post again before Thursday. Go bookies! :)

Jessica said...

P.S. that last post was from me

Kukulkan said...

1. Mr. Ewell bears a grudge against anybody connected to the case, especially it seems Mrs. Robinson, Atticus and his family.

3. Heck is very right to spare Boo. Justice has been served and he knows it. Plus, Boo has done no body any harm and keeps to himself. The only times he has vistited us in the book it to perform an act of unselfish kindness. Heck is following Atticus' advice to the children.

5. The Gray Ghost can be compared with Boo. A character shrouded in mystery and folklore so that an image is created in the eyes of the community that does not even closely resemble the real Boo Radley. Plus, in the end he turns out to be really nice.

Kaari said...

1. I think that Bob Ewell bears a grudge against anyone who tried to make him seem guilty in the case because they made him look like a fool, especially Atticus.
3. I think that Heck Tate is very right to spare Boo the publicity of an inquest because Boo didn't do anything wrong, and he was just protecting the kids from a vicious man who didn't have the courage to face the person he really had a problem with.
4. I think that the events in the final chapter explain the first sentence of the whole novel because Jem broke his arm when Mr. Ewell attacked him, and the first sentence of the story said that when Jem was nearly 13 he broke his arm badly at the elbow.
5. I think that the Gray Ghost definitely has a connection to the themes earlier in the novel because it talks about a man who everyone says does bad stuff, but nobody knows what he looks like. In the end, however, he turns out to be good. This is exactly the story of Boo because everybody thinks he is this creeper guy, but he's actually really nice!

Kaari said...

And we miss you too Nathan!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. I think Mr. Ewell bears the grudge because he knows that Atticus made him look like a fool. He humiliated him and now everyone in the town knows he’s a liar who beat his kids and he has now lost all respect In their eyes and because he can’t blame himself or his daughter he has to blame someone else.
2. While Atticus said that Jim fought him and killed him in self-defense, Heck Tate said that he fell on his own knife I think neither are right. I think someone else steeped in but think Atticus is right that they need to clear Jims name by trial.
3. I think Heck Tate was right it didn’t hurt anyone to keep it a secret.
4. Well, the first sentence of the first paragraph talks about how Jim had a broken arm which is what Jim gets at the end so it all ties together again.

Jessica said...

P.S. Bookies, we are collecting books on Thursday! (Ms. Pulley told me to tell you all)
1. Mr. Ewell holds a grudge against anyone who made him look guilty in the trial
2. I think Atticus's story is more believable, because who just "falls on a knife"?

jaiden said...

1. He holds a grudge againsed anyone involved in the case.
2.I agree with bailee (anyonymous) when she said that someone steped in.
4. The final events of the chapter explain the first sentence of the chapter because they both relate to Jem breaking his arm. I rember reading the first paragraph and being a bit cinfused, but now I understand it.

Anonymous said...

1. Mr. Ewell basically dislikes anyone involved with the trial.
2. This part is kind of confusing...
3. I think Heck is right to spare Boo because Boo did nothing wrong.
4. The last chapter relates to the beginning of the story because it talks about how Jem broke his arm.
5. The Gray Ghost deffinately realtes to themes portrayed earlier in the story.

Maya said...

1. Bob Ewell holds a grudge because nobody in Maycomb really believed him and Atticus made him look like a fool on the stand. Ewell sees the judge, the sheriff, and Atticus as his enemies.
3. Yes, because not sparing the publicity of an inquest would be like killing a mockingbird. All he was doing was protecting the children.
4. The first sentence is how Jem broke his arm when he was 13 and at the end of the book the same thing happens.
5. The book Atticus chose was "The Gray Ghost". It is connected to the earlier events of To Kill a Mockingbird because it’s about the same type of book and the similar things happen especially Boo.

Ben said...

1. I believe Mr. Ewell holds a grudge because he feels like Atticus made him look like a fool.It seems he dislikes most people that were involved in any real way.
2.I'm not entirely sure whose right, but I do believe that Jim is innocent, and that Atticus is right to want to clear him.
3. I believe Heck Tate was right not to get rid of Boo, because he didn't seem to do anything wrong.


Mackenzie said...

1. He held a grudge against anybody who thought he might be guilty. His enemies were Tom because he was the man who was accused of raping Mayella and Atticus because he was Tom's lawyer
2. Atticus said that bob might have just beat Mayella because he was left-handed and Mayella's injuries were on the left too. I think Atticus was right, but I think the judge said Tom was guilty because he was colored.
3. Heck Tate was right because Boo didn't do any harm and he was just protecting the kids.
4. in the end, Jem had broke his elbow and he was nearly 13, which is exactly what the first sentence was.
5. I don't remember the whole part, but I think the book sort of explained Boo's life because everybody thought he was scary or evil.

Joanna said...

Sorry I posted so late! (I know this is kind of redundant)
He would hold grudge against all the people who thought he could be guilty.Also,his enemies in the book were Atticus and Tom because Tom had been accused of raping Mayella. And Atticus was one of his enemies because he was Tom's lawyer in the trial.

Joanna said...

oh and that was number 1

zoosk said...

Fantastic work full of creativity. Congratulations. Continue your path!