Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bookies Potluck on 2/24

Sign up here. Be specific as to what you're supplying--talk to each other!

Things we need:
1. Three people to bring in deli meats
2. Two people to bring in cheeses
3. Two people to bring in bread
4. Three people to bring in assorted chips
5. Three people to bring in drinks
6. Three people to bring in desserts
7. Two people to bring in paper plates and cups

Am I forgetting anything? Don't forget, this is a Bon Voyage, Mohika! party, so we need to do it up right.
Mrs. P


Anonymous said...

I can bring in brownies or cookies! so count me in for desserts!

Courtney said...

I'll bring fruit, probably grapes.

Will there be a place to keep cold foods? Should we bring them to the library in the morning?

Kukulkan said...

We have a fridge to keep your stuff cold in Courtney, just bring it to the library that morning and we'll get it stashed away for you!!!

We will miss you Mohika!!!!!

Tina said...

Thank you Kulkulkan!! I'll miss you too!! I will bring in chocolate lollipops, so put my name on the list for desserts!! Thanks!!

Patrick said...

I will still do deli meats as before

Kaari said...

I can do drinks. The 24th is next week right? So, what does everyone want? Soda? Juice?

Anonymous said...

i got paper plates

Mackenzie said...

I can bring in a bag of chips, any suggestions?

elizabeth said...

i can bring chips! i will miss you so much mohika!

adrian said...

i will bring the cups

Joanna said...

I can bring dessert!
We will miss you so much Mohika!!!!!

Tina said...

Mackenzie: No BBQ flavor plz!!! :D Thanks!!
Elizabeth and Joanna: I will miss you all too!!

Anonymous said...

I can bring bread. White or wheat?

Joanna said...

White bread please :)

Jessica said...

I got drinks.... Soda, right? Or juice boxes? I'll just brink whatever... BYE MOHIKA! : D

Mrs. P said...

Okay, here's what we've got for tomorrow:
1. Charlotte and Mohika--desserts
2. Kaari and Jessica--drinks
3. Patrick and me-- deli meats
4. Mackenzie and Elizabeth--chips
5. Courtney-- grapes/fruit
6. Adrian--cups

What we still need:
1. Cheese!!!
2. Wheat bread, please
3. One round more each of chips, drinks and/or desserts
4. Plates (I've got some basic paper ones, so we're okay there, really)

That means a few folks still haven't signed up, so get on it, folks!
Mrs. P

Mrs. P said...

What are you bringing in? I don't want to end up with 2000 pounds of roast beef, so let me know and I'll get what you aren't! :)

Joanna said...

I'm bringing brownies!