Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Alchemyst Discussion Questions

All right, folks-- here are some questions for us today! Answer them here as well so we can get a real blog conversation going. :)

1. Flamel says, “We are all prisoners of a sort here—prisoners of circumstance and
events.” (p. 197) What does he mean? Are Josh and Sophie involved in the battle
between Flamel and Dee because of their destiny, or because they choose to become
involved? What does the codex mean when it says, “The two that are one will come
either to save or to destroy the world”? (p. 199)
2. Why do Josh and Sophie agree to go through the Awakening? Why does Hekate only
“awaken” Sophie’s powers? How does this affect the twins’ connection to each other?
3. What does Hekate mean when she says, “Great change always comes down to the
actions of a single person”? (p. 210) Can you identify times in the history of the world when great change happened because of the actions of a single person?

Let's discuss!
Mrs. P


Kukulkan said...

I got a good magazine that talks about the 100 greatest ideas that changed the world...many are attributed to one person...hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I do not think one person has ever changed the world alone. those who are remmembered had supporters and advisiors and freinds that helped them along the way to greatnes. Also there are other men and women who would have steped up and done the same thing. I think that their is no clear path for any of use only a path for the world. Look back in history and find one person who has done it alone. You can't can you.

Jessica said...

1. I think the twins are the "two as one" and one will try to destroy the world while one saves it.
2. Hkate awakened Sophie first because she was oldest and that was the custom. I think Josh will feel betrayed and that will put a huge stain on their relationship.
3. I agree with the person above, but one single person can set a chain of events which drastically change everything.

Anonymous said...

I think an example of this would be rosa Parks because her one action of not giving up her seat on the bus to a white person instegated a movement against racism.