Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Club Meeting Tomorrow Postponed!

Hey Bookies!
Thursday is my birthday, so I'm taking the day to mourn the loss of my youth. :) You'll understand one day. Anyway, I want to be there for the wrap-up discussion of The Alchemyst, so I am decreeing we postpone until next Thursday. I am also suggesting that we have a little Book Finishing celebration-- nothing big, but what if we all brought in a little dessert of some sort? Would that be good? If we don't like that idea, I'll take suggestions... Make your comment (or your sign up to bring in a treat) on this post.

Mrs. C and I are attending a conference Friday as well, so I'm out the rest of the week. You guys have a great weekend, and I'll see you on St. Valentine's Day.

Mrs. P


nathan said...

Well...I totaly bailed on this book, but will read the next one. I started reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo, and absolutely could not put it down. So, even though it was through a series of accidents, book club helped me find my favorite book of ALL time. Since (loved) author is a fan of spreading his work, even if he loses profit, you can read his book by clicking on my name! (niffty, huh?) He actually had a surge of book sales when he posted this, which makes sense, because now that mine is back at SCHS, I want to buy a personal copy. You can buy it on amazon, and is the second most translated novel, behind the Bible. WOW. (at least thats what I was told.)
-Love you guys, and Cohelo...
seriously, rEaD iT!!!

nathan said...

UPDATE: it holds the guinness world record for MOST translated book by a living author. Cool beans!

Roshon said...

Nathan ((Haha, I almost spelled your name wrong)), we're going to have to meet up some day and nerd it out on that book! I don't believe any of my friends at Niwot have read it, so I would absolutely love to talk about it to someone!

Ahh, Ms. Pulley- try to not think of the hormonal days too much....;) Have a fantastic birthday! Hope Ms. Zilling doesn't tease you TOO much about it this year, teehee~!


nathan said...

Indeed "Roshon" indeed. Happy Birthday Mrs. P! Just think, Proverbs 16:31 says: Gray hair is like a crown of honor; it is earned by living a good life. so you're not old... you're just royalty!

Hope you enjoyed your mini break!!!
I am wondering, why do I post more than 90% of the coments around here, when i'm not even here? Answer me that-slackers!

PS "Roshon":
I feel like if I wrote down all the insightful quotes from that book, I'd have a word for word copy of the book...I wish I wrote it...And had the GB world record...

I want it to be a movie SO bad, but it probably would never possibly be as good as the book.

Kaari said...

Nathan, thank you for calling us out! And Happy Birthday Mrs. Pulley! Ok, so I can bring cookies! I kinda liked the pot luck thing we did last time, with lunch and dessert, but if that isn't possible this time, I'm fine with just desserts. Oh, and Nathan, I'll have to read that book! Miss you guys!

Tina said...

I am sorry I couldn't come to meeting last week, I was selling candy grams. Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Pulley!!!!!! I will finish the book by this Thursday, and I might not read the next book with you guys, since I am moving in the first week of March. I will have to ask my mom if I can bring anything, but we have really busy lately with the whole move thing going on. Anyway, see you all this Thursday!!

Mrs. P said...

Now it's officially a party-- Mohika's going away party! We can try to make it a full-blown potluck, but we need more people to get on here and respond so I know there's actually going to be stuff brought in.

So, similar to last time, we would need:

1. Deli meats of assorted types
2. Bread for sandwiches
3. Assorted sandwich cheeses (swiss, provolone, cheddar maybe)
4. Chips (3-4 bags ought to cover it)
5. Any other sides? Cole slaw? Potato salad?
5. Drinks!
6. Desserts of all types

What do you think, Bookies? Can we manage? Comment and let us know!
Mrs. P

Mrs. P said...

And Nathan, you're totally right. I cannot seem to get this group active on the blog at all-- it's totally depressing me. But I love hearing from you oldtimers! What are you guys reading now?

Analie, still got Bluebear. Good grief. I should just return it to you! I got halfway and it just wasn't doing anything for me, but I'm so stubborn and didn't want to quit... but this is ridiculous. Shall I drop it off at your house perhaps?

Mrs. P

jaiden said...

I am brining rasberry chocolate cookies, my sister is brining lemon cookies.

Tina said...

That would be nice, it will be something for me to remember. Can't wait :D

Patrick said...

I can bring DEli Meat.

Were we going to read the next book? I have already read the first four of the series.