Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bookies-- Is anyone reading this wonderful book besides me?!

I can hardly put it down! Okay, it feels weird putting another post on here about reading goals when I don't know where any of you are at this point and no one has responded with any answers to the first round of discussion questions, but here goes. Let's make the goal for the end of spring break to be Part III--Efrafa (p.271). That is a spot that makes sense. I'll post questions for the second reading goal later this week, if and when I hear from some of you and it sounds like you're ready or close-to-ready.

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring break!
Mrs. P

Monday, March 22, 2010

1st round of discussion questions

There's a lot of setting and character building at the beginning of this book-- very heavy on the exposition, but you'll be glad for it later. So, let's start with some pretty basic questions:

1. How does Hazel end up being the group leader? What are his personality traits that allow him to lead? Does Fiver have something to do with Hazel being leader?

2. Rabbits are creatures of habit. How is it that such a relatively large group of rabbits is willing to leave with Hazel and Fiver?

3. Cowslip's warren is very, very strange. Discuss the ways this warren is different from Hazel's.

4. Fiver compares Cowslip's warren to "trees in November" (ch. 14). What does he mean?

5. Both Dandelion and Silverweed recite in the great burrow. How are the two different?

Okay, I'll post some for the next section of reading later this week!
Mrs. P

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bookies! There's a glossary!

I forgot to tell you this, and it's fairly important: If there are words you don't understand, please check the "lupine glossary" at the back of the book-- It's very helpful!

Kaari, give Bailee her book back for the next set of pages. :)

To one and all-- it sounds like most of us aren't where we said we would be, and some of you have grumbled that the book is slow. GIVE IT A CHANCE. Outside of our last book, which I really don't claim as my own pick, have a ever steered you guys wrong? You will like this story, trust me! It's worth your time and effort.

All right, next page goal... What should it be? I say we go to page 173, ch. 22 ("The Story of the Trial of El-ahrairah"), only due to the fact that, once you get to p. 150, you won't want to stop there-- at all. Trust me on that too!

Let me know if you think it's do-able.
Mrs. P

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Book!

I am excited about this one, folks! It's been a very long time since I have read it, so I am looking forward to the reread. We discussed today that you will have some serious reading time with CSAPs, so we've chosen p. 119, ch. 17 ("The Shining Wire") as our goal. We will not, however, be meeting on next Friday due to CSAP lunch schedule, so please check the blog starting Wednesday to see what discussion questions I come up with. And hey, if you have any suggestions for questions, post them here!

Here we go, into the land of Hazel and Fiver and all the rest...
Mrs. P

Wrap it Up

So, we had a small meeting today due to everyone's work load. That's okay. I don't think the book inspired much enthusiasm, generally speaking! But, to stick a fork in it and call it done, let's give it a rating:
~Pulley's Rating System~
5=Most Awesome!
3=Good...Good but not great by any means
2=*shoulder shrug*
1=Two Thumbs Down! (this should be very difficult to get)
So give it a number and explain, and we will move along.
Mrs. P