Monday, October 11, 2010

New Goal + Discussion Questions!

I got called out by Nathan for not updating the blog (and all of you Bookies have been called out for not participating on the blog!) so we all need to get it together. :) It's Book Fair week, Nathan, so cut us some slack and come see us Tues, Wed, or Thursday nights! We'll be open for conferences.

Okay, next page goal... Some folks have requested that we read to the end of the book, but let's do one more break. Please read to chapter 25, Westing's Wake, p. 154. And, in the meantime, let's discuss the questions below here:

1. There are many ironic situations and comments in this story---situations where there is a contrast between what it is and what it seems to be. What is ironic about Judge Ford's comment to Angela that "one of these tidbits might cheer you up .I hear you'll be getting married soon." Why wouldn't the Judge's efforts cheer up Angela?

2. Why does Mr. Hoo smile when Mr. And Mrs. Theodorakis's kitchen is ruined from the explosion?

3. After Sydelle was injured she doesn't jump at the chance to get attention for her injury. Why do you suppose that she plays down her pain this time?

4. How do the lives of Angela and Theo parallel those of Violet and Theo's father?

5. Of all the information supplied by the private investigator, which piece do you thinks is the most interesting and relevant to the mystery? Why?

6. What questions do you have so far? Thoughts? Theories? Let's chat!

Mrs. P


Anonymous said...

1. I don't think angela even likes Denton. Grace wanted her precious Angela to never work a day in her life. So grace wexler couldn't possibly allow her daughter to go to medical school. Grace felt foolish and ashamed for marrying Jake, who was only a podiatrist. Denton was perfect. He was a "real doctor" who was rich enough for her darling Angela. And Angela always was the perfect child who slaves to her mothers every order. So she was stuck withs Denton unless she could gather the courage to *gasp* disobey her mother!
2. Mr. Hoo was happy to see them tortured. The theodorakis shop was getting a lot more bisiness than his restrairant. They'd be closed for clean-up, and hopefully that meant they'd attend his shop instead.
3. Sydelle was actually hurt this time. It wasn't some made up traveling flesh eating disease, it was a broken ankle.
4. I think Angela and theo would Make a cute couple. Violet and theos dad were in love bit they were seperated by the mother. Violet was forced into marriage with an awful politician man whom she hated. Angela is being forced into marriage by her mother,too. The parents thunk it's the best thing for their child, but really they are sending them to suicide or a lifetime of depression. I just hope Angela doesn't kill herself.
5. I think the stuff about crow got good info. I'm still freaked out about theos "dream". O don't think it was a dream.
6. I think anglela is very dark and scary. And all the clues together remind me of something... I just can't figure it out. By the way, this is Kelsey garden.

Kukulkan said...

Good work Kelsey! I like your thoughts. Especially on Angela and her feelings for Denton. lets see how everybody else lets get on the blog people!!!!

I know where those clues come from but cannot say...

What does everybody else have to say???

Kukulkan said...


Anybody home???

So, i think Sydelle plays down her injury this time, because she doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that her previous injury was fabricated.

Angie and Theo?? Isn't she supposed to marry Denton? What kind of world is this?

Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...

1. I don't think Angela acctualy wants to marry her fiance'. I think she's always just tried to be the perfect daughter and this is yet another thing that would make her mother, Grace, oh so proud of her.
2.I think Mr. Hoo smiles because the Theodorakis' coffee shop is stealing all his business. Now he thinks that everybody will order food form him while the coffee shop is repaired.
3.I think sydelle plays down her pain because she doesn't want anyone to find out the she was faking her first injury. I think that she think everyone will not want to talk to her because she was lying about her disease.
4. first, Angela is being forced into marrige by her mother, just like violet. Second, If Theo and Angela were to get engaged, everyone would talk behind their backs about how unsuitabke a match they are for each other, etc. It would be the same if Violet had married Theo's father.
5. I think that all the information is really interesting, half of it you would have never expected to find out.
6.I like this book a lot and I enjoy how it just keeps getting more and more confusing. It makes you mind spin in circles- but in a good way!

Charlotte said...
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Mackenzie said...

1) Well, Agela has no interest in Denton and she's sick of only hearing "I hear you'll be getting married" everytime she talks to someone.
2) He smiles because that means everyone is going to order from his restaurant!
3) She is actually hurt this time, so she isn't faking this. She probley has to take it easy, and I'm sure she's sick of those crutches. I think she laid back from getting attention this time. I also agree with Mr. Custis a lot about that one.
4) Well, Theo's father wanted to marry Violet who looked very similar to Angela, thinking about it that situation is very similar, but I don't think Angela loves Theo.
5)Hmmmmm, well, I think the Jugde's relationship with Mr. Westing was interesting. I thought Sydelle would have a realationship with Mr. Westing, but she doesn't and now I son't think she is the murderer. There might be some more interesting ones, but I don't have the book with me...
6) I love this book, I am glad we picked this for the first choice.

I also know where the clues come from!

Mackenzie said...

There is a movie for The Westing Game called Get a Clue, it looks ok, but I heard they take 3 characters out of it.

Tina said...

Wait, Get A Clue? Is that the one with Lindsey Lohan and Brenda Song? Because that has nothing to do with this book. I agree with everyone else, Angela doesn't want to marry Denton, and the only reason she's doing it is because of her mother. I serioulsly dislike Grace Windsor Wexler, and they found out that her maiden name was actually Grade Windelkoppel.

Tina said...

You're right, it is called "Get A Clue." Here is the link for it Mrs. Pulley:

Mrs. P said...

I am open to trying to track down the movie version, you guys, but did you read the reviews on the IMDb page that Mohika posted? Doesn't sound too promising. But if you guys want to give it a shot, I'll try to find the DVD. Does anyone have a different suggestion? I was thinking we could rent a different mystery, maybe Clue ( or Murder on the Orient Express ( Any others? Something more modern, perhaps? Let's talk!

Kaari said...

Oh, is Clue like the one based off of the actual boardgame Clue? I'd be willing to see that one. Actually, any of them are good with me. Are we gonna do a pizza party this time, too? I could definatly bring some sort of dessert or drink. Um, no modern mystery movies are popping into my mind. Any other suggestions! We bookies need to blog more. Including me...

Kaari said...

Okay, Mrs. Pulley had a great idea and I'm all for it! We should read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows so we can all have read it before we see the movie! I know a lot of us have already read it, but I think that this is the one time we can read a book that lots of people have already read. What do you guys think?