Thursday, September 30, 2010

Page Goal for Thursday the 7th

Great discussion today, Bookies! Let's extend the reading goal a bit and go to page 112, stopping at chapter 19, "Odd Relatives". I'll post discussion questions for this section later. Until then... happy Friday and weekend!
Mrs. P


walterbayliss said...

Thanks for great read.
With Good Content - And Subscribers... You can do really well.
Waly Bayliss
President and CEO

nathan said...

Hey Mrs. P... Just tell me if you want to borrow the movie, I know exactly where it is, and would love you guys to see it.

very comparable to the book!


nathan said...

BTW, Raptor Reads, your blogs big brother... Kinda stinks... Somtimes funny, but no one coments, there are no discussions, and you have to have a google/wordpress/something-I-don't-Have account to comment.
Writing that I realize two things:

Good News: I have a google account!
Bad News: thats not actually accepted...