Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oops. I've been blog-slacking!

All right, Bookies! We had set our second page goal at p. 68, "The First Bomb". I'll post discussion questions later today!

Mrs. P


Mrs. P said...

All right-- Here are some discussion questions to get us up to speed! We'll talk tomorrow, but be sure to post your thoughts here so we can chat with all of the teachers who are reading along:

1. What do the lines of big round dots signify?

2. How are the heirs paired? Do you think there is a reason particular people are paired together?

3. What is Judge Ford doing to investigate the other heirs? What do you think she will uncover?

4. What do you think was going on with the confusion about Turtle's real name?

5. The weather is definitely having an effect on how this mystery plays out. What has it done to the characters? Why do you think the author has done this?

Thoughts, please! See you bookies tomorrow.

Mrs. P

Kaari said...

1.) I don't remeber this part, so could somebody maybe tell me where it was so I can find it. Thanks! 2.) I think the pairs consist of people who don't know each other well. Plus, I think that they're paired so that their personalitys are almost opposite. For example, there's kind, quiet Angela paired with loud, plotting Sydelle Pulaski.
3.) Judge Ford is having someone at the newspaper check for stories with the names of the residents of Sunset Towers. I think that she might find out who Mr. Sikes is, like if he changed his name or something like that.
4.) I think that the confusion of Turtle's real name was due the fact that she didn't want anyone to know her real name, so she told the dressmaker a fake one.
5.) The weather makes it so all of the characters have to stay in Sunset Towers; they are stranded. I think it's made the characters a bit edgy because one of them is a murderer. I think the author put them in this situation because it makes things more interesting. The characters are now stuck in the same building, and something is bound to happen. They're all on a hunt for the murderer so things are going to get exciting!

Mackenzie said...

1) I don't remember this part either, I'd love the page # too!
2) I agree with the idea of the opposite personalty, but I also think it's a little weird that Madme Hoo and Mr. Wexler are both gone and they're partners.
3) The Judge's friend is reading articles from the newspaper under the names of the residents. I think theres something Mr. Hoo's hiding, and Sydelle.
4) I don't know what to say about that question, maybe Turtle did just lie about her name.
5) The weather is closing them in the towers which isn't the greatest thing because the next chapter is "The First Bomb" so I think some part of the towers will explode, and that will be horrible!
I also think possibly that Mr. Westing planned it to snow, but I don't know why he would.

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