Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Club Vote--1st Book!

Sorry I missed our first meeting, guys! To make it up to you, tomorrow we will have hot drinks on me at our meeting. :)

Welcome to all the new Bookies-- we are very glad to have you joining us this year!

Looks like a great list you generated of suggested titles. Unfortunately, I had to eliminate some right off the top, either due to appropriateness for middle school (Kenneth, I LOVE Cat's Cradle, but there's just no way!) or due to the fact that I just can't get enough copies of the suggested book (sorry, Kaari! Only 11 copies of Leviathan in the district, and several of them are checked out), but here's the ones that we can definitely discuss and my thoughts on each as a pick:

1. The Hobbit-- I am a big Rings fan from way back, and I certainly wouldn't mind reading this one again. I would suggest, however, that it not be our first pick; it is long and can be a bit... well, long at times. :) This would be a much better second or third pick, I think.

2. The Westing Game-- This is my pick! I haven't read it, I've wanted to read it, I've heard good things about it, it would be a quick first pick to read, and I know I can get copies. :)

3. Hurt Go Happy-- I don't know much about this book, but did any of you read it in 6th grade? I think they have a literature set of this... Let me know.

4. Ender's Shadow-- We could read this, if you guys decide that is what you want to do. Personally, I would like to start off with something new and different, but we shall let majority decide.

5. Two Little Girls in Blue-- I know next to nothing about this book, so I'm going to ask whoever suggested it to tell us why they picked it for us to read as a group! Sounds interesting on Amazon...

6. The Host-- This book was written for adults, but I didn't see anything overwhelmingly inappropriate when I read it, but it is LONG and I didn't know if we would want to start with a super-long book.

7. The Odyssey-- Hmm... Although my initial response was NO, I am now rethinking that. I still say we should ease our way in with something a little lighter, though!

Okay, you guys have my vote. Let's hear yours! Look the books up on Amazon and to get an idea what you're choices are. Use this post to argue your pick for our first book, and use my next post for VOTES ONLY. Sound good?

Woohoo for Book Club!
Mrs. P


Kukulkan said...

You know I would love to read "the Odyssey" with you at some point this year, but I agree with Mrs. Pulley that we should ease into that one.

"The Westing Game" sounds interesting and I believe this was one that most of us had not read yet.

Its ultimately up to you kiddos, so come to tomorrow's meeting with an idea.

Tina said...

"The Westing Game" is definitely a fun book to read, because it's an easy read, it's a mystery, and I got really involved in the book when I was reading it. "Hurt Go Happy" is like one of my favorite books ever!! It is an easy read, so perfect for first book, and it's a little sad towards the end. I don't mind reading any of the other books, but these two are my favorite.

Mackenzie said...

I'd like to read The Westing Game, I have never read it before and it looks really good and interesting.

Camille said...

I definitly think that we should do the westing game. I have never read it and it sounds like a teriffic book. (not too sad...)

Anonymous said...

I say Enders Shadow sounds fun. I really enjoyed Enders Game and i would love to get another point of view

Mayaaaaa :))))))) said...

I haven't read "Hurt go Happy" so that is my vote

Bailee said...

I would like to read 2 little girls in blue becuse its the only one i havent read. id be okay whith enders game cause then you guys cant nag me about reading ahed cause i already read it.i think we should read the odysee but if we have to wait i can be patint.

Kels said...

I really want to read "two little girls in blue" this year, but I think "the westing game" should be read first. But I'm still hoping we can read "two little girls in blue" sometime this year, though.

Kaari said...

I would definatly like to read The Hobbit, but if we don't read it for our first book then I'm fine with that. I'm game for Enders Shadow, but I would like to start the year off with a new idea. Maybe we could read this one later. I have to say, I've read the host like 3 times so I don't think this one would be the best for me. I think Westing Game would be the best for our first book.

Jess said...

Did we take "Blue is for Nightmares" off the list? How disappointing... :(

I read part of "The Westing Game" a while ago and I have to say although it sounded very interesting, I don't remenber liking it very much. (but then again, that was a few years ago!)

"Two Little Girls in Blue" sounds great! I never heard of it, but Bailey hasn't read it so...

"Ender's Shawdow" sounds good. I never read "Ender's Game" so I think it would be interesting to read it first.