Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown beginning soon to The Big Release of the Fall!

So I was very excited over the summer when I saw trailers in the theater, but lately it had slipped my mind. I just realized, however, that November begins next week, and that means the countdown commences! Anybody want to chat about the movie/book? I need to reread it, and quickly!

Have you seen the latest trailer, if not, check it out on IMDB.

My big question is this: They left SO much out of Half-Blood Prince, how are they going to tie those ends back together and make the story work? Hmm...

Let's chat!
Mrs. P


Mrs. P said...

I left out the most important part. The release date is 11/19! :)

Kukulkan said...

I've never read these books.

Are they any good?

Who is hairy?

Aunt Faith said...

I am curious to see what they are going to do about Dobby.

Mrs. P said...

Kukulkan (Mr. Custis), you are very, very silly. Aunt Faith, I too am curious to see how they will handle Dobby in these movies. I'm thinking they will have to figure a way to leave out his story entirely, although for me, his death/burial scene was well done and very emotional. I'll be sad if he's cut out of the story entirely!

How will this movie begin? Surely it has to be with Dumbledore's funeral and NOT the wedding scene...

Roshon said...

Huzzah! I'm so excited for this! Anyone going to the midnight premier? I'm rather ambiguous on whether I should go see it or not...might save it for the second part, seeing that I *cough* happen to have a unit test the next day. Some of my friends are going, though. In my math class, the back board is Harry Potter dedicated. We even have the count-down on it ((as well as spell of the day)). My math teacher tolerates it, at least.

I'm planning on re-reading the book the week before...but I re-watched A Very Potter Musical this month for the occasion....

"[Mom] What are you doing here?"
"I came here with the Order of the Phoenix. Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, Sirius Black, and your brother Fred."
"Oh great! Where are they?"
"They're all DEAD."

Well I'm going to bed before I say something I'll regret.


((Mr. Custis, don't be ridiculous! ;) ))

Tina said...

Oh I just can't wait till the movie!! I hope they can show the action in the book well in the movie. I am really looking forward to it, and I don't wanna be disapointed. The 2nd part (July 2011) should be the best, and I wonder how they will show Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny all grown up! EEEEEEEPPPPPP!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Kukulkan said...

i can be ridiculous if i wanna be...glad to hear things are going well in the high schools!!

Rae said...

I admit I am glad they are releasing the book in two parts...I am NOT happy that the second part is coming out a couple of months later.
I was not happy with all the loose ends of the last movie...they better fix it.

This may be a little too much teenage girl, but I just learned the James and Oliver Phelps (who play Fred and George) are not really redheads. Childhood tainted. I guess it should have been obvious...sad day.

Now let's see if I can convince my mom to take/let me go to the midnight showing....hmm.....

Nathan said...

Mr. C!!!
For an avid reader this is suprising! I first started these when I was in first grade! People would see me (the book was bigger than I was...) and quiz me thinking I was acting, and boy did I show them!
Read 'EM!

Rachael, if you go the the midnight showing;
1. I'm going with!
2. You'd be back at 3 AM (so it's a no go!)I guess its not a school night... but still, sleep is golden!
'specially in Highschool!


Roshon said...

Nathan! *glomps*

Ohmygoshhhhiiii! The movie's like a week away! Sooo excited! I got my mom to let me sleep in for my first two blocks the next day...I'm only missing Health and Gym, so it's not like I'm really missing anything...why do you guys have that Friday off, Nathan? I wish we didn't have school that Friday...oh well, at least my mom will let me sleep in so I'm not entirely braindead for my large Latin America unit test last period.
Man, I really need to start rereading the book again, aha. Luckily, the book, we're reading for class in English is To Kill a Mockingbird, so at I won't have to excessively read it, since I remember it enough that I'll know what they're talking about in class.

By the way, Nathan, reread Mr. Custis' comment and try and envision him actually saying those words.

The friends I'm going with for the premier decided to go to the Westminster IMAX, so we'll probably get back at like three-thirty or four in the morning, aha. Mmm, two hours of sleep. Thank gods my mom is letting me sleep in the next day(that day?). My friend's mom won't let him sleep in, so he has to suffer through all his classes that day, haha.

I hope the middle schoolers aren't you, Mr. Custis. Feel free to come teach at Niwot if you get tired of them. ;)

I'd say something pro-Niwot to retaliate, but truly, the only things we can actually be semi-proud of are our academics and the symphony(we're going to New York City this year!). To heck with our football team. They suck.
...You didn't hear that from me, even though it's completely and absolutely true.

Roshon said...

*aren't getting to you

Wow, that was a really bad typo, haha.

nathan said...

Novermber 16th IS A FRIDAY, does that mean the release is thursday midnight, or friday. Technically, it will be friday and night by the end of the movie... I don't think "me mum" (snickers...) would buy that!
"who is hairy?"
Okay... Let's see, I'd miss Geometry and Honors Biology. Yep, I can't go!

Instead, you should wait till that weekend and we'll have a book buddie reunion (in costume!)

Gotta love my raptor emoticon!

Rae said...

Ahh....this just brings back book club...

Jeeze Nathan, even I got that Kukulkan read the books.

My other friend at Niwot says "When it comes to football, there's always soccer and tennis."

And Analie, I don't think Mr. Custis has ANY intention to go teach at Niwot.
Got to go, see you guys later!

Rae said...

Okay I'm back.

Woot woot! Raptors just won our first playoff game in school's history against Palisade! And people think Palisade or Mountain View will win state...well, now Mountain View...but we beat them already!

Girl's high school swim season started yesterday which means...
1) I'll smell suspiciously like chlorine until February.
2) I'm getting kidnapped *cough* "initiated" sometime soon.
3)I get to go to school, go to the pool, come home, and do my homework wet for four months.

Everytime I think about this book I remember going to the Longmont Library with Doug and my family so Doug could check it out. He typed it in and it only showed two copies of the book. He starts going on about how he won't get one...yada yada. We get to the shelf, and there's two whole ROWS of this book. He got "the one that matches his eyes." (quote).

I hope it starts with the funeral scene too. And I love Dobby, but is it better to leave him out or scew it up?
Just food for thought,

Camille said...

*sigh* I have decided that if the movie producers decide to completly RUIN the movie by adding completly random scenes that I hate and removing scenes I love, then I will personally PUNCH THEM IN THEIR FACES!!!!!! And I know that the movie thing wasn't supposed to go around, but I already know at least one person who already found out about it in some way or another. (not from me though)We have GOT to do a better job at hiding this. But then again, all people have to do is check the blog and then they know. hmmmm...

Roshon said...

The midnight premier is on a Thursday....Because if it's not, I'm going to end up standing in front of an empty IMAX theater going 'Oh wai-wha?'
But ouch, Geometry and Biology? Yeah, don't want to miss that...especially not math, because if you have a teacher like mine, who teaches you something new almost every day, you wouldn't be able to afford to skip it.

...still full of those kinds of jokes, are you, Nathan?

And that'd be cool, but we already have tickets~ b'aww, sorry....

Yes, I do hear that the soccer team is rather good...haven't heard too much 'bout the tennis people though.
And yeah, me neither, but still....

Funnily, I can very clearly imagine Doug doing that....

Man, I do not remember what happened at the end of the last movie...will make a mental note to re-watch it this week even though it's not one of my favorites....Not sure about Dobby, though. He hasn't been in any of the other movies other than the second one. I finished the book last night((well, three in the morning last night)), so I'll be watching to see what scenes they do and don't put in the movie. By the way, did you know that Fairview HighSchool is doing it's own midnight premier of the movie? One of my friends who's going to go to it told me....How they managed to do that, I have no idea.

I hope they don't try for too much humor in the movie....I mean, there are humorous parts in the book, don't get me wrong, but I don't know...I don't want it to be like the sixth one, aha.


Roshon said...

Whoop! Harry Potter tonight! :D

Rae said...

I just reread the book. My mom still can't believe I can read the whole thing in a couple of days (intermittently) start to finish. On vacation last year she gave me a book she finished because I finished mine and I was bored in the car...turns out I finished the book that took her two weeks in a day...

Whenever I reread the Harry Potter books I am reminded about how much of a great author J.K. Rowling is. She sprinkles information throughout the book, so it's not all at once. Plus, the wedding scene takes up about a third of the pages. But it's not just the wedding, it's also plot set up, character development, etc. Genius, genius, genius! Teach me J.K. Rowling! (genius is one of those words where you say it a lot and it starts to look weird...)

Happy Break!My sister and I just made fudge. Can't wait to eat it!