Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who wants to discuss Mockingjay?


All right, I've finished the trilogy and I'm ready to chat about the books. Who'd like to get it started?
Mrs. P


Roshon said...

*crawls out of the depths of highschool* I finished the book a while ago, actually. My mom caved and ended up buying the book when it was released, aha.

Not too bad, though the first one still remains the top one in my mind.

Uhhh...I can't really think of anything else to say at the moment. Too tired ((and it's only 10 pm! HighSchool does that to you, kiddos~)). I'm interested to hear what you have to say about it, though.


Tina said...

Compared to the first two, Mockingjay wasn't as interesting at all! I didn't feel the thrill I felt in Catching Fire or the Hunger Games. The only reason I kept reading was because I wanted to know what would happen to Katniss, Peeta, and Gale after all the chaos with the Capitol.

JAD said...

You know I loved the third book it has a lot hidden in it. The story itself was amazing and it keeps you awake. The end was sort of a twist because it leaves you thinking. What do u guys think was Snow telling the truth or did he do it? well I still agree with analie that the first book was the most addicting book, but enjoyed the others a lot as well.
You have to give credit to Suzzane, these books were great, better then i originally thought, before i read them. 8) Wow it feels like its been such a long time!

Anonymous said...

WORST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only reason I didn't throw it at a wall and run it over with a car was so I could see who Katniss would choose: Gale or Peeta?
The end of that book was possitively horrific. Everything is so sad because Katniss is off her rocker but then Peeta shows up and then she just gets all better and then they have two kids!

Rae said...

I really liked this book. It was perfect too because I had a 3 hour car ride on the way to a backpacking trip to read it.
I forget the whole Snow conflict...I'd need a refresher in order to talk with JAD about that...

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the whole "should I be the mockingjay...?" or not. It went on a little too long. And Cina died in the series...(last of 2nd or beginning of 3rd). I loved Cina, so I agree with Anonomous/Kelsy on that one.

Roshon said...

I'm not sure about Snow, Joel....To be honest, I don't entirely remember much more than the main plot of the book, haha. ^^'
And yes, Ms. Collins did a fantastic job on the trilogy...she's a very engaging writer. Not sure if a movie should ever come out of the series, though....They would definitely be quite violent and there's a lot that goes on in the books. Now, if an animating studio in Japan picked it up, that might be rather interesting....I think the anime style would be rather fitting for the tone of the story.

Oho, I was rather sad that Cina died...he was a great character. I was also sad when that military guy died...you know...that...that guy? Yeah. You know, the guy who died during their mini raid into the Capital.
Thought Tigris was an interesting character(is that how you spell her name? Can't remember....), but mostly because she reminded me of this guy. Ahahahahahahahaha- yeah, I'm weird.


Roshon said...

Sorry, in that last comment, I had meant more that when I envisioned what her character looked like that was the image that came to mind, haha.

Sorry for double-posting...again.

Camille said...

Honestly, I didn't like the third book. 1) Peeta is messed up. REALLY messed up. 2) I liked Gale in the first book, didn't like him as much in the second, and now, at the third book, I am utterly confused. 3) Also, there are so many unnessecary deaths! Cina? Really?!? 4) I didn't find the action as interesting and mind boggling. 5) It didn't wrap up that well in the end. 6) well, I could rant on and on and on, but, well, I have better things to do. Like read better books.

Jessica said...

I was totally in love with the Hunger Game series. WAS. Now, I am so disappointed. (Mainly because I am a MAJOR Gale fan-girl!!!) Prim dieing? Really? Really?! And the whole book was Katniss saying, "I'm such a bad person for causing this!" The whole book was her whining! I did not see the strong, independent girl I saw in the first two books. And why did they have to kill everyone off at the end? It's goes from a misson to everyone dieing to the war being over in only a few pages! Sorry, as you can see I am very passionate about this, but it is 11:08 and I need to read Harry Potter!