Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meeting and Book Exchange Thursday!

All right, Bookies,
Nathan came up with a brilliant idea. During our meeting Thursday, let's finish discussing Ender's Game (I believe we got through that book in record time!) and then do a sort of Secret Santa/book exchange. Bring in a (wrapped) book from your collection that you really like or means something to you or whatever that you are willing to loan to someone; we will then draw names and read the lent book over break. The book will be returned to you after we get back. I'll spring for PIZZA again as all of you seemed to enjoy that. Let's make it BYOB. If you guys want to provide something dessert-ish, I'll leave that to you. :) How’s that sound?
Four days to go...Woohoo!
Mrs. P


nathan said...

Let's keep them kinda on the short side... like Ender's Game.

I am honnored you people liked my idea! I am going to have a rough time picking a book to wrap up though...

(just needed to let it all out...)

Rae said...

Hey, that pizza was delicious! I'm game for that if you're willing!
Oohh...book exchange. I have to pick a good one.....too many to choose from! Are we limiting the genre?
Thanks Mrs. P!

Rae said...

P.S. I HATE FINALS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That felt good to type...even though I'm almost done.

Rae said...

Okay, sorry to comment AGAIN. But, I have a question. Can I wrap two books?
Because I have some fabulous reads that most people have never read (which is what I'm going for) but I think girls would like them more.

So, I was thinking of wrapping a more girl book and a more guy book. That way if one of our awesome boy bookies gets it, they won't be disappointed.

If not I'll think of something...or pick.

Roshon said...

No way, Nathan, my books huge! But like Rachael said, I'm going for something that no one's heard of before...and come one! We have 3 1/2 weeks! Don't tell me you can't finish a 703 page book in almost a month! (haha, joking, but seriously, it's a good book and will go by quick if you keep at it. ;) )
And if you really don't wanna read a huge book, than just hope your lucky stars that you don't get my book, dur.

I'll help you pay for pizza if you want. I don't like people buying things for me.


maya.perrin said...

Yeah that was a really good idea of Nathan even though i wrapped a book that pretty much everyone has heard of...it is a great book though!!

Roshon said...

Whoo! Have a great Winter Break you guys! Keep in touch through blog!

Ms. Pulley, you still don't have an excuse even though you're going to a isolated/rual place. You still have WIFI, yes? ^ ^ I hope you like my book...there are some slow parts...but I read through the part about Nightingale's Academy twice, haha.

I'm about a third of the way through your book, Mr. Custis, but I've been reading Hitchhiker's Guide and Dragon's Keep, so I'm trying to squeeze it in. I've really enjoyed it so far. ^ ^


Rae said...

Mr. Mehsling picket out His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik. It's sweet so far. It combines sailors and dragons. It's so good right now! I'm excited!

Roshon said...

Oh, my mom loves those books!

JAD said...

I made a book list for the break and i hope to get most of them done by the seventh of january. I will post comments and reviews about the books as i read them! Have fun guys, Happy Holidays and a New Year! thanx Ms. pulley!


Kukulkan said...

Just finished "Code Orange" Nathan.

Me likey...thanks for the interesting read. If i read it in two sittings, its a good read to me.

We can talk about it later, but it does bring up some very current and frightening issues.

nathan said...

Kukulkan, Read the Other one... and if you find a way to get your hands on Airman by Eoin Colfer... you should DEFINITLEY read that as well. Those three definitley top my 10 faves.

and BTW Mr. JAD, I'm loving your book. Lots of the weird vampire cultures are interesting to read about. So are their values...
Anyway, the whole thing is really good thus far, and I have baisicaly had to remind my self to breath and eat so that I didn't die from excessive reading dissorder like Roshon...jk
(don't hurt me it was just a joke!)
Four Days 'Till Xmas!

Rae said...

I am really liking His Majesty's Dragon right now. I don't normally read a lot of fantasy, so it's rather intersting. Plus it's not so out there because the dragon egg is discovered by a Captain after he captures a ship. It's rather interesting how that's tied in so far.
I loved Code Orange, though I haven't read it for forever. Good book, though it's been a little beaten and bruised.
Have an awesome break everyone!

Roshon said...

Where did that come from?!

Happy Solstice! <3