Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's get on the same page...

I know it's going to be impossible until we all finish the book, but I meant it pretty figuratively. I have a dilemma folks-- it seems the majority of you have finished, but three have not. I think we should only discuss the book tomorrow through the original page goal (227). That way we won't ruin it for anyone.

Rachael, I think printing off teachers' comments is a capital idea! If you would do it, that would be wonderful (copying and pasting them into a word document to save paper would be excellent!).

And, looking ahead to our next book, what would we like to do? We could stick to the one-book theme, or we could each read individually and right after we return, hold a book talking session. Let's vote-- what say you?

I'll publish discussion questions for you to ponder shortly...
Mrs. P


Rae said...

So, do you mean we read different books over break or all read the same one and have a major discussion when we get back?
I'll print out the other comments.

Kaari said...

Okay, that page goal is fine with me! The teacher discussions would be really cool. That was a really good idea Rachael. Anyway, I havn't heard any Mead kids on the blog. I was kinda hoping to hear their input.

Roshon said...

Yeah, I know, Kaari! I needed to tell Ms. Platt that her husband harasses my friends....haha, kidding, but I was hoping for some new impute. A^ ^