Thursday, December 10, 2009

Discussion--to p. 227

Can I just say how happy I am with where I blindly chose to set the page goal? It was perfect! :) Discuss the following:

1. Read Ender’s internal monologue on p. 184. Does it remind you of someone else in the story and how they think? Who and why?

2. The title of chapter 11 is “Veni Vidi Vici,” which means “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Why is the chapter titled this?

3. Why is the fight with Bonzo in chapter 12 important?

4. What is the special relationship between Ender and Bean? What innovations does Bean contribute to the Dragon Army?

That's it for now. Your thoughts?
Mrs. P


Kaari said...

First to post! Yay, first time! Any way, here goes.
#1: I'm not exactly sure which monologue we're talking about but if its the one right before Card mentions Carn Carby then I found teh right one! Okay, I think he sounds like Valentine because she's always calm and collected. Valentine always thinks things through and doesn't make rash desicions like Peter does. Ender acted like Valentine by thinking it through and not getting angry or frightened, he was calm.
#2: Card named this chapter Veni Vidi Vici because in this chapter, Ender and his army beat every single battle they are faced with. They beat the more expirienced armies while his army mainly consisted of launchees. He went, he saw, and he conquered.
#3: Ender's fight with Bonzo was significant because he proved that he was strong. In that one battle he beat all the other people who were thinking of killing him. In that one fight he won all of the ones to come.
#4: The special relationship between Ender and Bean is understanding I think. They were both placed in battle school at a very early age and were both the smartest even among genius'. They understand each others worries and difficulties and that brings them together. Bean also helps Dragon Army by coming up with new ideas. He thinks of using things no other toon leader would think of, such as the string to move faster and turn sharply to look for people.

Roshon said...

Eh, I'll answer tomorrow...and are we meeting next Friday..? Please say no, I'd like to spend that Friday with my friends at lunch....sorry. If we do meet I might skip.

Anyways, I didn't get a chance to re-read to this chapter, so I'll read a few pages back maybe tonight so I know what's happening at that point...


Garrison said...

I will answer these questions tomorrow I am so behind right now. I would have finished the book but I had no idea I would have this much homework!

Rae said...

Yeah. Homework. Erg.
I can't wait until it's break. No more assessments!!
Haha my word verification is 'gamers'

Kimberly said...

1. I think my page numbers are off from yours...I don't have a monologue from him on page 184...sorry. Can you clarify when this is?

2. I think that the title of Chapter 11, “Veni Vidi Vici,” is most appropriate. Ender is learning more and more strategies from watching the war videos, and he is able to come, see, and conquer in every battle.

3. I believe the fight with Bonzo was so important because it shows the true strength of Ender. Bonzo was just as book-smart, just as class-smart, and much bigger than Ender. By all accounts he should have won the fight. But Ender really came through as a strong, fearless, and not-to-be-messed-with force here. He gained respect from his peers and the adults/administrators are taking advantage of his strengths. Yet it was devastating for Ender because he didn't want it to end the way it did, and he's very frustrated and upset with what he's become. This little seed of frustration with the whole battle school seems to continue to grow!

4. Bean and Ender do have a special relationship, but it's difficult for me to put into words. It's like they're brothers almost because they both have given up their childhood "for the good of man." I know it's cheesy - but it's too late at night to think of the right way to put it, sorry. :) Bean has a really unique way of thinking and of moving around in the battle room, so he greatly contributes to the Dragon Army in a way that no other squad leader can. He is small and fast and is always discovering new strategies and tactics, even to the surprise of Ender at times.