Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Discussion Questions for pp. 134-175

1. Bruno and Shmuel have a conversation that lasts from pp. 138-141 and covers a lot of important territory. Describe something they talk about and what its significance is.

2. "'You'll have to forgive my brother, Lieutenant Kotler,' said Gretel, laying a hand on his arm for a moment, which made Mother stare at her and narrow her eyes."-- What is the significance of this quick description? What's going on with Kotler?

3. On pp. 145-148, Father grills Kotler about his father. Why does he do this?

4. What do you think happened to Pavel?

5. On page 172, Bruno denies his friendship with Shmuel and betrays him. How does he feel afterward? How is it resolved? What do YOU think you would have done in his position?

6. What questions do you have?

All right, Bookies-- discuss here, and we'll talk more tomorrow in Custis' room!
Mrs. P


Srta. Bahrenburg said...

On pp. 145-148, Father grills Kotler about his father. Why does he do this?
He explains himself on p. 146-147... "...what reason did he give,...for leaving Germany in her most vital need, when it was incumbent upon all of us to play our part in the national revival?...Or perhaps he had disagreements...with government policy...Disturbed, some of them. Traitors...Cowards..."

Srta. Bahrenburg said...

What do you think happened to Pavel?

p. 148 tells us it was extremely unpleasant.
Kotler had just been grilled by his superior and now he's angry and takes it out on Pavel - beating him... possibly killing him... After the mess with Shmuel in the kitchen where Kotler tells him, "we will have a discussion about what happens to boys who steal" he shows up with "a lot of bruising on his face" (p. 174).

willan said...

I am behind on the boy in the striped pajamas, butv i will ketchup pretty soon.

Knightmare said...

me to will

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Jacob B said...

Hey Do you guys know what chapter we end on i am reading it on my nook and it does not have the same page page numbers.

Do you guys just think Gretal Was kiding about having an imaginary friend or do think she does have one? Explain.

Jacob B said...

Did it shock anyone else that Bruno said that he had never Shmuel? I was like, are you serous Bruno did that and got his friend in that much trouble.