Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Discussion questions for 3rd reading goal (pp. 86-134)

I like Jacob's questions, so I'm posting them here along with a couple others. First, though, I'd like to know who has made it to the reading goal. Let me know here, please. And then answer whatever questions below you are comfortable with!

1. How does Bruno's grandmother react to her son's military role?

2. Do you think Shmuel (The boy on the other side of the fence) know more about what's going on here then Bruno?

3. Will they become best friends? Do you think there relationship will get discovered? What will happen to them if it is discovered?

4. Why does Shmuel run away after Bruno suggests he crawl under the fence to join Shmuel and his friends in the camp?

4. A pun (a play on the meaning of words) is most often seen as humorous, but in this novel the narrator uses dark or solemn puns like Out-With and Fury to convey certain meanings. Bruno is simply mispronouncing the real words, but the author is clearly asking the reader to consider a double meaning to these words. The use of this wordplay is a literary device, isn't it? What is the narrator trying to convey to the reader? How do these words further communicate the horror of the situation?

Lots to talk about!
Mrs. P


Mrs. P said...

OK, so Shmuel's name is pronounced like "smile" with a "sh" sound-- "shmile." It was Mr. Udolf's grandfather's name!
Mrs. P

Mrs. P said...

And I'll repost this, but our new reading goal is pp.134-176, stopping at "The Haircut."

Jacob B said...

Ok thank you!(That's cool that it was Mr.Udolf's grandfather's name)

Why do you guys infer that the chapter's name is Haircut?????

Do you think Bruno will become closer to Shmuel?

Jacob B said...

Oh yhea this question just popped into my mind, do you guys think Lt.Kotler will spend a bigger role in the story then he all ready is? Explain.

Mackenzie said...

I did!

1. Bruno's grandma was not happy. I think she was very embarassed and wish that she could have had a son that is a doctor or something like that.
2. Yes. Bruno has no idea about anything over at the camps, but Shmuel does know what people do at the camps.
3. I think it's hard to tell. Possibly because it seems like they like eachother, but Shmuel was hesitant to even meet Bruno because they're both not supposed to be there. I think they could become good friends.
4. He would get in big trouble if he's seen with another boy.
5. Hmmmm.... Well Out-with and the Fury do make it a little more eerie because you don't really know who is in the Fury or what Out-With is and the names sound very mysterious and maybe a little evil. :)

Mackenzie said...

And I think the chapter's name might be haircut because Bruno might ask Shmuel why he doesn't have any hair!

Mrs Phillips said...

I never thought of Out-With and the fury as being puns. I like the clever double meaning that clearly went over my head!

Kimberly Fung said...

Do you think we would be able to watch the movie ? or is it too long?

Mrs. P said...

We'll make the movie happen! It won't all be in one sitting, mind you, but we'll do a few days back to back. I've got to get you guys permission slips, I think...