Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Discussion questions for 1st reading goal

All right, Bookies-- let's dive in!

1. Discuss the relationship between Bruno and Gretel. Does Bruno seem younger than nine? How so?

2. What is it about the house at Out-With that makes Bruno feel “cold and unsafe”? How is this feeling perpetuated as he encounters people like Pavel, Maria, and Lt. Kotler?

3. Describe his reaction when he first sees the people in the striped pajamas. What does Gretel mean when she says, “Something about the way [Bruno] was watching made her feel suddenly nervous”? (p. 28)

4. a)Who is The Fury? b)What is Out-With?

5. What questions do YOU have?

Mrs. P


Unknown said...

I think the relationship between Bruno and Greatle is kinda a love hate brother sister relationship, but I think it will grow stronger though out the book.

0-0-7 said...

I do think Bruno seams younger then nine in the way he acts and thinks.

master thief said...

One question I have is, who's "The Fury"?

Master Thief said...

I think "Out-With," is the house Bruno is living in.

Mrs. P said...

All right, I'm going to give you guys some more direction.

1. "The Fury" is what Bruno thinks he hears when people talk about The Fuhrer. My question for you is who exactly is The Fuhrer?

2. "Out-With" is what Bruno and Gretel think they hear when people talk about Auschwitz. My question for you is what exactly is Auschwitz?

Come on guys! I told you this book was going to require you to do some research about WWII and the Holocaust... Time to get on it.

Mrs. P

Srta. Bahrenburg said...

O-0-7 said Bruno seems younger than 9 and I agree... He comments on the people drinking the frothy beverage and laughing and figures they must be funny people. I would imagine most 9 yr old children would know about alcohol - but maybe that's from tv which wouldn't have been around then so it might be realistic. Would a typical 9 yr old really hear the words as Out-With and the Fury?
P. 21 states, "In fact he had heard her described on any number of occasions as being Trouble From Day One." He is repeating what he has heard when he refers to his sister as The Hopeless Case.

Anonymous said...

4. The 'Fury' or Fuhrer is what people called Hitler and the Nazis because, Bruno's dad is a ranking Nazi officer and it seems like, he will be one of the Nazis running Auschwitz (what Bruno and Gretel think is Out-With). Early in the book, Bruno says he goes down to the dining room the the 'Fury' had been a few days ago, which would be the Nazis and his father.

Mrs. P said...

Oops. Sorry about the questions going past the page goal, guys! We'll add on #2 and #3 for the next goal. Massive brain cramp!

Mrs. P

Master Thief said...

Before I read who's outside the window, I think I'll see Natzies in striped clothes.

Marvin Navas.

Mrs Phillips said...

Marvin--Are you referring to a movie you are going to see?