Friday, December 2, 2011

The Phantom Tollbooth begins!

Hey Bookies! (silly Blogger won't let me add an image right now!)
So let's give this one a try. :) The Phantom Tollbooth is a classic fantasy story by Norton Juster that is celebrating its 50-year anniversary this year. Copies should start arriving Monday, so swing by and pick yours up. And click HERE to check out the Backseat Book Club; NPR is doing Tollbooth as its book club book as well, so there's all kinds of cool stuff to be found on their website, including interviews with the author and comments/questions. It'll be fun to see what everyone gets out of this very clever book!

FIRST READING GOAL FOR OUR MEETING ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8TH: I don't know if I'll have books for everyone on Monday (remember, if you can get your hands on your own copy, excellent! Post a comment here letting me know I don't have to find one for you), so let's make the goal pretty easy for week 1; I think everyone should be able to make it to Chapter 4-- Confusion in the Market Place. This is page 45, but keep in mind that there are tons of illustrations taking up space and the font is pretty big. I think it's very doable.

THINGS TO COMMENT ON HERE: 1. Let me know if you're participating in the club for this book, or if you're planning on sitting this one out. 2. Let me know if you have access to your own copy of this book.

Happy weekend!
Mrs. P


Jacob B said...

Hey I will be reading this book!

Emily said...

This book is awesome It is sooooo funny and interesting. Totally my kind of fantasy

Emily said...

Do we meet on Thurs.?

Divya said...

really good book so far

divya said...

funny and weird

Divya said...

on chapter3 only and soooooo good

Joanna said...

I'm reading the book!

Mrs. P said...

Come get a copy then, Jacob! I forgot to give you one yesterday when I saw you during SSR. :) YES, WE ARE MEETING THURSDAY to talk about the questions I will post ASAP. Glad you guys seem to be liking it as much as I am so far!
Mrs. P

me...Hannah said...

i have the book and...can't wait to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!