Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1st round of discussion questions for PT

Let's talk about these here on the blog and this Thursday in Mr. Custis' room!

1. In chapter one, what is Milo’s dilemma? Discuss the possible causes of the "crisis" he is having.

2. Once he unwraps the tollbooth, where does Milo decide to go? How does he choose his destination?

3. Where does Milo find himself after he passes the tollbooth? Name and describe this new land!

4. Define these words, and discuss how they are used in the story: doldrums, lethargic, and "weather" vs. "whether".

5. Describe the King’s ministers. Why did they say the same thing in different ways? What was their job in the marketplace?

Let's talk!
Mrs. P

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Mackenzie said...

1. Milo is bored with his life and finds nothing that interests him.
2. Milo goes to Dictionopolis! He ramdomly picked one.
3. He goes to Expectations which is in the country, and everything is very pretty. :)
I actually forgot to bring my book home because I haven't had any time to read (even in SSR!), I have been working on my D.C. project so I am a little behind in the book!
4. I don't remember doldrums and lethargic, but I remeber weather and whether. Weather... is the weather (I don't know how to define that, I'm really tired!)? Like rain, sun, snow, etc., but whether is like whether you should do this or that. I'm not sure how to explain it. But I liked how they used it in the book! It was the Whether Man instead of the Weather Man. The man said something like whether the weather should be rainy or sunny, thats what I want to know. :)
5. I don't think I have gotten here yet.