Thursday, December 8, 2011

Next Week + More!

Hey bookies!
So next week is our last Thursday meeting before break, and we have a couple different traditions from years past that we like to keep. First, we do a book exchange--

Winter Break Book Exchange:

1. Everyone brings a book to LEND for reading over break (it will be well taken care of), holiday wrapped and ready for the person you chose (if you haven't drawn yet, see me ASAP-- I have names for you!).

2. The book can be either one from your own collection or you may select a library book for your person to check out (meaning YOU check it out, gift wrap it, bring it in and when he/she chooses it, they will in turn check it out to get it off your account).

3. Please try to select something of a manageable size for all-- no War and Peace, no entire Lord of the Rings... you know what I mean! You may, however, select two books if they are very short.

4. Select a book that has meaning to you. Maybe it's a childhood favorite, maybe you read it recently and it's your IT book right now... something that separates it from all the other books you've read!

5. We will meet Thursday the 15th and do our exchange then, along with setting a reasonable reading goal for Phantom Tollbooth.

The second (newest) tradition is that we make this a potluck party! We did this last year, and it was a lot of fun. You guys interested? Here's the sort of things I was thinking that people should bring in, and then we'll have lunch and exchange "presents" (book exchange) and chat and eat and drink:

1. Deli meats (for sandwiches)or other "main dish" items
2. Bread (3 loaves)
3. Veggies (for sandwiches)
4. Chips (assorted)
5. Desserts (")
6. Drinks (")


Questions? Comments?
Mrs. P


Jacob B said...

Hey guys I will bring the chips and some type of drink. But one question can we give what we bring to you if they cant fit in our lockers?

Jacob B said...

Oh yah I might be able to bring some cookies to!

Mrs. P said...

Of course! We'll stash all the stuff up here. :) Thanks, Jacob!

PGIBBS98 said...

I can bring three loaves of bread.

Mackenzie said...

I can bring some more drinks! :)

Mackenzie said...

What about cups, napkins, and plates?

Mrs. P said...

I can provide all the plates, cups, utensils, etc. unless someone has their heart set on providing them. Speak up, everyone! We've got a good start, but the party would be in three days... more people definitely need to STEP UP and SIGN UP!

Hannah Weber said...

I will bring all 3 loafs of bread!!!

Hannah Weber said...

ohhh I did not see that PGIBBS98 IS allready bringing bread so I will bring 1lb of salami

by the way who is PGIBBS98???????...

Mrs. P said...

PGIBBS98 is Patrick Gibbs, Hannah. So here's what we've got so far:
1. 3 loaves of bread (Patrick)
2. 1 lb. salami (Hannah)
3. 12-pack of Dr. Pepper (Mackenzie)
4. Chips and more drinks (and maybe cookies) (Jacob)

We need more than this if it's gonna be a party; more people need to step up or we cancel. Come ON, guys!
Mrs. P

Mrs. P said...

Oh, and I almost forgot to post about the reading goal-- chapter 11 for Thursday, correct?

Divya said...

My mom said that she will get more chips!

Divya said...

is it ok if we both bring and Jacob

Jacob B said...

Hey yall, I'll bring in any thng that needs to be brought in,just ask!!!

Emily said...

I will bring cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!

Raven Moe said...

I will find something to bring, don't worry it will be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna said...

I can bring brownies!

Jacob B said...