Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bring Those Permission Slips in ASAP!

Hey Bookies!  It's all-systems-go to see EG this Friday… if you get your permission slips in to me tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.  Got to move fast, people.  Also, we could use one parent driver, so please have your parent or guardian email me if they could help us out.  Otherwise, maybe I'll try to recruit a teacher.  :)

You must take care of all missing work, in advance if possible.  Check with your 4th and 5th period teachers NOW and see what can be done.  If I get word from them that you have not done this very important step, you will not go.  Don't make me be a bad guy-- take care of business, people.

Yes, we will have a meeting Thursday!  We need to make sure everyone has finished the book (you aren't going if you haven't read it-- period) and debrief about it as a group before we go on this field trip.  So come completely prepared Thursday to the library, please!

Mrs. P

P.S. Don't forget money for concessions Friday.  We will not be lending any out.
P.P.S. We need to start thinking about what we will read next.


Divya Bhat said...

I'm really excited to watch the movie! The end of the book was so good! I'm starting to read the second book Speaker of the Dead. I still have to talk to my teachers and I'll do that ASAP. Rest of you guys do that too, hopefully ya'll finished the book, it would suck to not get to go.

Richelle Kelly said...

I thought we were going next Tuesday? Anyways, besides that, I have an excellent book recommendation for when he start up again. I was thinking 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret'. It's an excellent book, and I simply adore it! Plus, for those of us who can't always get to the page goal, it has a lot of pictures. Now, don't think just because it has pictures it involves slacking off. The pictures are a huge part of the book and you have to look at them carefully. I really do love that book.

Dhruv Patel said...

We could read to kill a mockingbird