Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Fair Madness!

So I guess you guys figured out the meeting was cancelled today.  :)  Sorry about that.

Everyone should be to page 200 by now.  Let's set our next goal for next Thursday at... well, I was just flipping through the chapters, and I think we should finish the thing!  It'll go super fast, I promise, and there aren't really any good chapter breaks.  You'll see what I mean.  Until then, here are some discussion questions to tide you over:

Chapter 8
1. What do Col. Graff and Major Anderson want to use Ender for?
2. What was Ender's favorite method of attack? Why did it work so well?
3. Why does Dink think about the "bugger threat"? Whom did he say was the real enemy?
4. How did Ender fight the older boys in null gravity? How does Ender feel about the violence?
5. What is the significance of Peter's image in the mirror in the computer game?
 Chapter 9
6. How is Ender alone even among his friends? Why is he like this?
7. Why does Graff need Valentine to help Ender?
8. How does Ender finally get away from the End of the World?
Chapter 10
9. When Ender finally gets an army of his own, how do they stack the odds against him?
10. How does Ender treat Bean? How is this ironic?
11. What happens between Ender and his only real friend, Alai? What does competition do?
 Chapter 11
12. How do Graff and Anderson treat Ender as a tool? Does this happen in real life?
13. What makes Ender such a great commander? How does his army do?
14. How does Ender defeat Bonzo against all odds?

Thoughts on any and all questions, guys!  And if you have questions of your own, please post them here; I'll get back to you ASAP.

Mrs. P

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Richelle Kelly said...

I finished Ender's Game earlier this morning. It was such an amazing ending! It makes you think for a little while after finishing it, and cause you to bite your lip in anticipation for the next book!