Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finish Up Flipped!

All right, about HALF of us finished Flipped, so we will discuss this book completely on the Thursday we get back from spring break (and I need your copies of the book back ASAP).  Here are the Reading Roles that were already assigned:

Questioner:  Alex Stasiak
Connector:  Eric Yi
Illustrator:  Divya Bhat
Word Wizard:  Raven Moe
Summarizer:  Dhruv Patel

We still need a few, so if you haven't chosen one yet, you still can!  Check your Google Drive document for the available Reading Roles and their descriptions.  And while you are pondering the book through your Reading Roles, here are some good discussion questions to ponder.  And feel free to post answers as comments to this post as well!

1. Bryce's grandfather says about Juli, "Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in 
gloss.... But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, 
nothing will ever compare." What makes Juli iridescent? 
2. Why do Bryce and Juli's feelings for each other flip? Has your opinion about someone 
ever flipped? 
3. Would you prefer to live in Bryce's family or Juli's family? Why? 
4. When Juli and her dad talk about Bryce, her dad tells her to "start looking at the whole 
landscape." What do you think he means? Does Juli see the whole landscape?
5. Bryce keeps throwing out Juli's eggs because he doesn't want to tell her the Loskis don't 
want them. Do you think this was the right thing to do? What would you have done? 
6. Juli tries hard to save the old sycamore tree because she loves it so much. Is there 
anything you would fight to save like Juli does? 
7. Why has Juli not visited her Uncle David before? 
8. Juli's brothers Matt and Mike say that they don't like "the whole robotron attitude of 
education. Confine, confute, conform." What do they mean? Is your school like theirs?
9. Did you like it better when Bryce or Juli told the story? How does hearing from both 
points of view make you understand what was happening? 
10. If the book continued, what do you think would happen to Bryce and Juli?

That's it for now... Have a great spring break, everyone!  Happy reading!
Mrs. P


Divya Bhat said...

Over break im gonna be in florida so i wont have time to comment on the posts, but heres my answer to number 3

I would prefer to live in Juli's family compared to Bryce's family. Even though Juli's family does not have much money, they live in happiness and family love. Bryce's family members are too unsupportive, and argue most of the time.

I would post more on this question,but I have to leave to the airport in 5 min.
Have a good spring break!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. pulley said i could look at the roles and pick one, so i did. I decided to be the word wizard. Have a good spring break!! I might not be able to post alot of stuff because i am dealing with family issues, but i will try to get on as much as i can!!